Nicholas, Or Nick.
Male, Straight
New York City.

im not good with talking about myself

I love my friends, hate to lose them. People on my profile im close to, i have to update it soon. I send Random Pm's To people i don't know. STALK ME AND I WILL STALK YOU BACK!
I'm too nice for my own good, you can sit there and yell at me, and i'll still probably be nice to you.It's hard to be mean gonk

I Play Xbox, 3DS, and waiting for someone to teach me to play league since its the talk of the town. If im on PC its Gmod most likely. Currently Waiting for my tax return to get a switch.

I Listen to almost any type of music so if you don't like the song playing, i'll probably have other videos on my profile for you to listen to, otherwise i'm sorry.

I Love Anime. Initial D is Probably My Favorite, But i watch most types. o:

No one really talks to me, sadly. Im really boring & i've come to realization about it. As much as i try to be intresting im just not good at it so very little people talk to me, so im kinda used to being alone. Although i miss all the people that still used to talk to me even if i was boring, it made me feel better at the time.

To curious ones that want to go blind forever my face can be seen here,here and a rare one of me smiling, here. I apologize in advance for you going blind.