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the best raper for young money
she is soo sexy id beat n im not even bi lmaoo
she is truely the badest b***h!!!
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so this be my wify kaitlyn =]]
yess i have a wify
tht dont mean we do shitt 2ogther
so boyz clam ur dickz lmaoo
but we were tryin to work the pole on the tran lol
but this girl i luv she be the best friend n wifyy u could every havee
i do everything wit her
likee when every u see me im wit her
she is soo muchh funn like omg!!!!
ohh damnm melted chocolatee id beat lmaoo [inside joke]
i will pull tht shitt bac daddy lmaooo [inside joke]
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this be my boyy rex
likee ohh damnm he finee as hell
he be my daddy lmaooo
n when he in the pool he be meltin
if u no wat i mean lmaoo
butt this duee is alwayz makein me laugh n smilee =]]
i cantt wait till i see u durin the sameee
we hadd suchh good timeez
n this summer will be soo much better lmaoo
ily rex!!!!

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this is my girl jenny
she be my 2nd b***h lmaoo
butt she madd chill
n i luv chillin wit her
me n herr r crazy 2ogther
we r somee wildd bitchz
ohh n when we get ******** upp we r crazyyy!!!
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this is my 3rd b***h nikki
i luv her so muchh
ohh damnm i meet this chick in the summer
at first she was madd quitt
but once me n her stared chillin she just gott crazyyy
this giurl is suchh i good timee likee no lie
she is one of my fav friendz
i cantt wait to see this bitchh again in the summer lmaoo =]]
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this is justin my x bf
even tho we brokee up
tht dontt mean we cantt chill
me n this dude alwayz be chillin
n doin crazyyy as shittt
he has help me wit alot of s**t in my lifee
i can alwayz talk to him about w.e
i dont no wat i woulddd do wit outt him
n he singg wit my friend named erique
they make there own music
ohh damnm i wannna get wit all ur cuz's
n just ******** them
n they wouldd ******** u 2
waitt u problem alreadyy ******** them all lmaoo [inside jokee]

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this girl is my b***h,hoe,slut, everything
i dont no wat i would do wit out her
she my world
we do everthing 2ogther
we even ******** the same guyz lol
and we smoke 2ogther
and drink
thtz us a goodtime lol =]]
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iight this is my boyy frankyyy =]]
omg we look likee shitt in this pic bcuz we were bothh madd ******** up lmaoo
so yeaa this kidd be madd funny all the ******** timee
omg n when we r ******** up tht meanz fun!!!!!
i luv this kidd soo much
idk wat i would do wit out him =]]
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This Riley AKA Killa Cam/KiD Ph3sH
I L0v3 U
U My B3sTi3 4 Eva
U FunNyY
U SexXii As ********
Damn U A 5* ChIcKk WTF Im Talkin B0uT
If u Singl3 u Kn0 I WaNNa G3T with U
G3t At M3h!!!!
i LUV HER!!!!
taken by the best

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BMC,aka ninja turtle,aka n***a leprechaun on mia's pro-chomies 4 life. ride wit her and put in work in a heartbeat no mata what it is. mess with her, imma ******** you up, real spit


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my name is mia
i'm madd funny
i'm chill
and i luv to have a good timee and party =]
i luv goin to the mall wit my girlz
and chillin wit my guyz =]]
i have swaggg likee no other b***h!!!
so if u want to get to no me more just send me a pm iight byee=]
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i luv u 4ever boo

this is my funny buddy he is madd fun and funny [ur hood is gay boyz united] lol [inside joke] lmaf =]