Hey motha ******** hey how how you doin? ;D Imma tell you all about this awesome chick named Idil. She's a youngster in 8th grade..was born on May 2 and is almost 14 ;D Her a** is obsessed with Taylor Lautner && Nick Jonas. I knew her for a looong asss time and she is like so fun...especially skating! She loves music like B.o.B (ayee!), Drake, Lil Wayne, Trey Songz, Cobra Starship, Beyonce, etcc. She loves anime just like meeeeee. It's awesome right? My dad knew her dad before I knew her...LMAOOO. She reps Canada...(how lamee) Anyways, love you to death.
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No Hands

Wassup Shawdiee !
NickName| FiddleStay'Fabulous
Real Name| Idil
Anyways i was brouqht into this Lovely world on May 2 , 1996
best freakingg dayy ever , i'm 14 years old
Freshmen Baby !
I'm not Your ordinary Chick
i'm crazy , cool & Fun
- Get to know me and you'll love me

iLove to eat , watch t.v. , movies & more
And iAbousetly love hanqingg with the Family & Friends
iLove them to death
and iAlso love to dance , sinq & Party ayeeee !

- Anyways if you wanna talk , hit me up in the inbox or comment me

Oh yeahh there is one more thing iAbousltely love
and that is Hot Boy's :
Taylor Launter , Nick Jonas , David Archuleta , Channing Tatum , Asian dude's & moreee shawidee

Don't blame a Sistah' she just speakingg her mindd !

Comment. Add. Messaqe. Rally Pics.

&& I'm out shawdiee .

This is my baby !
- he is so freaking hot
iAbsolutely love him

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Let me tell you a little bout' him :
His name is Taylor Daniel Lautner
pronounced /laʊtnɜr /
- so get it straight !

my baby is 18 , till Feb 11 , he was born in 1992
in Michigan

OMGG did you see him in New Moon ?
When he had his shirt off omfg !
- he look so Cute <3

Well Much love from FiddleStay'Fabulous
i <3 Youuu !
- Taylor Daniel Launtner