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this is my baby seans chispa coming and reporting in to his page to update his boring self ... me and sean go way back a few years we kinda have lost touch for a long while but all that's about to change .. I cant help but miss him .. hes my other half and by that I mean im literally his other half .. im the female him .. just a lot cuter .. hes kind ugly but I make up for it right sean ..?
sean is amazing we used to spend all night talking to eachother about the most random crap .. always made annoying clicking noise when we goton the phone together .. still nasty a** .
now for something that I need to make crystal clear if any b***h on here or in real life trys to win him you best know im the obstacle that you narrow minded prissy low IQ having cunts will not make it through just warning I may look sweet but you have me badly mistaken .I will physically and mentally destroy you .. if your not perfect for him don't even look up from the damn ground you don't need to look at him what so ever.
if no one makes the cut well ill have to take one for the team and marry his ugly a** .. hahaha I know you love me more then you should .. back then and even now mi feo chulo
my amazin wonderful oso you were, are and will always be the icing to my cupcake . I really have missed you a lot and we really do need to catch up .. plus you'll ne really pround to know that this little princess of yours hasn't been rock climbing since you banned me from it .. yes I listened -.- don't rub it in my face.
well sean baby I guess my work here is done ..
much but so much love
tu chispa yanii




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