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R.I.P. Grampa Jess ;~; 7/5/16
emotion_facepalm Socially Awkward

I Art Monster I is my best friend
xBread is my hubby irl redface

[TH] [DA]
Unmotivated and depressed ;~ ;
Semi - Hiatus.


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☆ About me? ★
-Gay / taken
-Names Matt
-You can call me Matt, Mattie, Asphyxiate, Apix, or what ever you feel like haha
-I'm an easy going person, say hi and i'll say hi right back. I won't hurt you xD I think you could easily take me out.
-I'm a bit slow at i'm sorry in advanced haha.
-Kind of Hiatus. Don't get on much :<

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Always buying art c": pm me.

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xBread is mine emotion_bigheart
I Asphyxiate I

By Willowspell
You can find the other half on xBreads profile ^ ^ <3