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Birthday: 09/24

Basic information
★ I'm a girl
★ my name you can ask for it
★ my age I only tell it to people I know well
★ I'm cheap and I can bargain for hours just to get what I want at the price I want
I hate
★ having my periods
★ When the store price is 2k and people sell at the marketplace for 4k
★ the fact that people call other people noobs you were one once douche bag
★ when people start putting porno into movies
★ when the perfect shirt for me is for 125$ I still buy it
I like/love
★ Eminem
★ Adele
★ Tupac
★ playing badminton
★ Shopping
★ kids
★ Freedom
★ Family and friends
I have
★ Black/brownish hair (in the sun)
★ boobs
★ and other parts don't wanna name them all
I am
★ a very loud person but on gaia I stay careful of what I say
★ can sometime be really shy
★ ok looking not perfect not ugly just right
★ smart can sometimes be the stupidest person ever
★ me
I don't
★ do online dating
★ treat anyone differently
★ stay quiet when something is wrong
★ call anyone noobs
I never
★ Drink/smoke/use drugs

If you read all that then your really bored but thanks.

This is me I am a fob. A total fob.
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