My Tidbits

I haven't been around much on gaia lately, and i thought it was due to come back and let you know what i'm up to in life. I've been out of college now since 2007, and i'm currently holding a job at Walmart since February of 08 in the electronics department. It's not always what it's cracked up to be, but it's a job, and i need it for the bills.

I've bought a car also last year, it's a aveo 09, brand new. I love it. Gets me to point a to point be with no problems.

Things You Should Know
-I'm Pansexual. Look it up if you don't know.
-I'm taken.
-I'm creative.
-I love to write.
-I'm a big flirt.
-I love to talk, just PM me.
-I do not like beggers...earn your own damn money.
-I'm not a fan of the f-bomb...but I do occasionally use it if I'm overly moody.
-My birthday is on Halloween. Gifts not required.
-I'm 22
-I'm an anime nut.
-I have a rather large manga collection.
-I creat my own profiles...finnishing them is my problem.
-I like to be random.
-I'm a gamer.
-I play MMOs.

-I listen to about anything...not a fan of hard rock, metal, or rap, but occasionally I listen to a few songs that catch my ear. I love country and dance music, but mostly dance or anything that has an upbeat to it. Imogene Heap is one of those artists that I love...and I find myself liking most of the American Idol finalist cds.

-I love cartoons of any sort...I'm still a kid at heart.
-I watch ER when I remember it's on.
-Law and Order is also one of those shows I like.
-I like Court...wait...excuse me...Tru TV. I can watch that all day.
-Missdiagnosis (sp?) that one is interesting to watch also.
-Homemake Over makes me cry, and I love how the houses look (not all the time).
-House, I absolutely love this show.

-Manga. I love boys love and romance stories. Most of my series belong to Tokyo Pop and Shonen Jump/Shojo Beat and DMP.
-I used to read the Dragon Riders of Pern books...but I need a book list in order to make sense of the series since I read out of order.
-I am currently reading Shogun and The Good Earth.
-I love the Harry Potter Series, but I haven't read the final book. Don't be a smartass and tell me about the book.

-I hardly watch movies...but I like Disney films...and I like Pixar and the such.
-I like romantic comedies and some action movies.

-Final Fantasy XI
-Final Fantasy games.
-Some fighting games.
-Star Ocean III - Til the End of Time
-Kingdom Hearts