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I made this profile to combat a problem. Thieves! Gaia is only a game, but for some reason there are those who feel the need to rob as many people as possible. Gaia is so overwelmed by the problem, they can't get to them all. Knowledge is power.
If you still don't agree, then maybe you should carefully read some of the sample hoaxes. Then ask youself, when I was a noob, could that have swayed me?
We gain 100's of noobs each week, if not 1000's. They need to know what those of us who have been here for years already know.

Thanks for the tip!

If for people who are not sure whether or not they're about to click on a fake page, you could add this little tip~

Most browsers, like I have firefox- in the bottom left it should usually say "done" when loading pages, when you scroll over a link, it shows you the url of the page hovered on.

As well as some other fake sites such as Gaiaunline have been used.

Something To Think About

A Special Message:
Many users believe that the victims of such offenses are 100% at fault. 100% means that the victim did everything to prevent loss of his/her stuff. But, they PMed the person their password. Hell, they sent the trades too! Now we all know it doesn't work like that...

The victims are guilty of nothing except ignorance. Gaia does have warnings about password scamming, but the info is not terribly accessible, especially to vulnerable newbies who have no idea how the site works.

The victims are not at fault here. Giving away your password is not against the ToS, but impersonating Gaia staff, scamming and hacking are.

Do not use the same log-in name and password you use on other sites.

This message is located in a forum sticky. It is official.

Hello all, just a brief annoucement from the admins:

While we know that it's fairly common for people to use the same username and password on multiple websites, this may pose a security risk to you. We've recently been notified that another site that may be frequented by some Gaians has unfortunately had their databse compromised, which is always a potential risk when using identical passwords across websites.

If you have an account that is using the same name and password on Gaia as on any other website, please take precautions and change your password here to something unique and special, just for Gaia! This will help ensure that your account stays safe and secure.

If you suspect that your account has been accessed without your permission recently or if there is any other unusual activity associated with your account, please report it immediately by filling out a General Inquiry Form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you,
Gaia Staff


  • Add to Friends
  • Send Message
  • Trade Items


The Real Gaia Staff


  • orange- admins
  • brown- developers
  • red- NPCs
  • green- mods and moderator assistants
  • Bold blue - usernames mean they are on your friendslist.
  • blue - usernames mean they are another Gaian.

About The Gaia Staff:
Admins and developers are the ones who make the site, they create new features and fix code problems. The admins are the site creators, they make the site policies. They usually don't interact with users directly because they are very busy. (The automated Admin account now has an avatar and is no longer a shadow.)

That's why they have moderators. Mods enforce the site rules and investigate report forms. They deal with users directly. Mods are here to help and each title under their name indicates what they do specifically: Omni Moderators- Responsible for resolving account issues, hacking cases, and scamming cases. Global Moderators- Handle abuse and harassment cases, as well as help oversee ToS issues across the entire site. Site Moderators (formerly Dedicated GAIA Moderators)- Work in a specific part of the site, handling ToS violations and thread move requests.

Moderator Assistants (formerly Gaia Helpers) assist mods with moving threads. Their powers only apply to the forum they work in. Mod Assistants do not handle ToS violations and can not ban users.

All staff accounts have more abilities than regular user accounts so they'd never need your password to check things for you. Mods and Admins can see your trading history with out logging in as you.

Moderator Abuse
If a mod has truly abused their power please send a detailed PM to one of the following admins: Dri, Siskataya, or Galados. Do not abuse this. If you have indeed violated the ToS you have no right to report moderator abuse when you are banned. In order to report the abuse, you must be the one who suffered it. Please note that almost everyone who is banned is going to cry foul and moderator confidentiality prevents them from sharing the other side of the story. Nobody is ever banned unless there is clear evidence that they have broken a rule. DO NOT use this to report people who are not real moderators! If a person says they are a mod but do not have a colored username do not report them to the admins directly, report them to a real mod.

This is what a staff member's name will look like in forums and PMs:
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View a real NPC here
View a real admin here
View the complete list of Gaia Staff here

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Table of Contents

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To go to Kage's Guide To Avoid Getting Hacked site, click on the box at the top of this section.


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Xynthea Report | 05/02/2010 9:01 am
hi mom ^_^
L0LH3LL0 Report | 04/27/2010 8:03 pm
my friend hacked me and his current usernames are : xdemonreaperx and he hacks people with other accounts such as ; accountscanner of 010 , ssydragon. he sents fake reported mod information found in profiles. He askes them for their passwords and usernames and their email. please help prevent this from happening. IT NEED TO COME TO AN END. thanks (:
He has more accounts but we couldn`t find them & he probably traded his items to a new account because he found out that i told him i`ll tell a mod. I don`t want my account back so please don`t send me the REPORT HACKING thing because i don`t really want my account back i just want an end to this , thanks !
I Am Mother G Report | 04/05/2010 11:24 am
I Am Mother G
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DeeDee Gambino Report | 03/15/2010 8:43 am
DeeDee Gambino

User Image

I had a wonderful birthday, hun! And your birthday best wishes made my day very special. heart
I Am Mother G Report | 01/22/2010 7:24 pm
I Am Mother G
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I Am Mother G Report | 01/22/2010 7:23 pm
I Am Mother G
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I Am Mother G Report | 01/22/2010 7:21 pm
I Am Mother G
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I Am Mother G Report | 01/22/2010 7:20 pm
I Am Mother G
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I Am Mother G Report | 01/22/2010 7:19 pm
I Am Mother G
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I Am Mother G Report | 01/22/2010 7:10 pm
I Am Mother G
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How to make a screen shot

In order to prove your inventory to the real Gaia moderators, if ever needed, then do regular Screen Shots.

all i do is-

1: go into your Gaia inventory- click on "customize me" to go into your clothing tabs.

2: start with "hats", "tops", "bottoms", etc,

3: click the print screen button on your keyboard.

4: open up a program such as paint

5: go to "edit" and "paste", and it should paste your inventory.(After the first one, you can just hit print screen, then right click, and "paste" into paint.)

6: Then you should save it like any other file, somewhere on your computer. So you know where it is, I'd put it in a specific folder labeled "gaia" or "gaia inventory"

~* the print screen button on your keyboard is usually labeled as "prt scr" or "PrtSc" and is located along the row of "f1" "f2" etc buttons, usually next to "scroll lock" and "pause/break" keys. Look carefully, mine is in blue, and on the same button as the Ins. This means, I have to push the blue Fn button, and then the PrtSc.

It's actually quite simple after the first time.
User Image

False Gaia Sites

False Gais Sites and Cookie Rippers

A false gaia site that looks like this one and the instant you sign in, it says error, but when you go back to the real site it says that your sign-in info is wrong. Or the site is designed to steal you cookies. That means, it downloads all you cookies, and those contain you passwords. Not just Gaia passwords, ALL YOUR PASSWORDS TO ALL THE SITES YOU GO TO!!!

The following is copied from 8/20/07 Gaia announements:

New scamming scourge: fake login pages! Be extra super careful these days when logging into Gaia Online. Lousy scammers have been setting up fake pages that look exactly like Gaia Online-- but when you log in, they steal your password!

If you seem to have logged out for no reason, check the URL in your browser's location bar before you enter your info. If you're anywhere but, don't put your password in! If anyone sends you a message telling you that Gaia has a new, faster server in another location, don't believe them! Report the PM, because it's just another jerk trying to steal your stuff.

Let's recap, shall we?

1. Always check your location before logging in; even if a site looks exactly like Gaia, never enter your username and password unless you're on the REAL!

2. If someone tells you that Gaia has a new server, or promises you gold or items for logging in someplace else, that person is a liar and a thief! Report 'em to the mods so we can squash their dirty little operation!

3. Be safe, stay cool, have an awesome summer! XOXO!


any address with in it

any address that takes you to the Gaia warning page that you are leaving Gaia

and] The Secret to Gaian Riches

and Gaiaunline

BEWARE If you click on this, it will take you off Gaia, and rip you cookies (steal you passwords).

Most browsers, like Firefox- in the bottom left it should usually say "done" when loading pages, when you scroll over a link, it shows you the url of the page hovered on.

I would like to thank kage-ookami4 for posting this in the forum

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Also, anyone who does not have the title "site moderator" and a green username is NOT A MOD. People who have filled out the moderator application are not mods until you see their usernames change color.

(and what to do if you've been hacked!)


The number 1 way to avoid being hacked on Gaia is to just not ever give out your password. It's as simple as that, but you must take further precautions to be safe.

After much convincing, I finally decided to open a thread in the Guides forum based on my journal entry. Clicking the banner at the top will take you to my original journal entry. All future updates to my guide will be here in this thread, the guide has outgrown my journal. Both will remain up. Please do not ask me for donations, even if you have been hacked. I will not donate, I will just get VERY annoyed with you. Please go to the links section and visit the list of charities.

This guide's intention is to teach you to recognize the threats and know what to do when you encounter them. It's important to remember that hackers are not preventable, but hackings are. This guide will "teach you to fish" but it's up to you to get the rod and bait and get out there on the lake. If you don't take the steps to prevent hackings, who will? This is not a job anyone else can do for you. You need to be vigilant where ever you go online, no matter what computer you use or what you're doing. Protect not only your Gaia account, but all other accounts and your personal information.


I Am Mother G

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What does it mean to be Hacked?

Gaia FAQ Definition
US Legal Definition
The definition of hacking that I use is the legal definition, it basically means ANY and ALL unauthorized access to your computer or your computer accounts is a hacking. This includes but is not limited to entering your account after password scamming, brute force attacks and keyloggers. To those of you who wish to argue that hacking is only done by brute force attacks and keyloggers please do not bother to PM me or post here. If you disagree that's fine, but I am going to continue to use the legal definition and nothing you say will convince me to stop.

What does it mean to be Scammed?
A scam is when you are tricked into doing something. An example of a scam is a user asks you to trade them your kiki for a kitsune mask, wrapped in a gift box. You trade them and inside your giftbox is a pair of starter shorts. That user misrepresented themselves and tricked you. Users are always misrepresenting themselves as moderators to get your password. If you just give them your password, but are smart enough to figure out what you've done in time and change your password before your stuff starts disappearing you can report a scamming. Only report a hacking if your account has changes made to it that you did not make yourself. Once the password scammer gets your password and enters your account it has become a hacking.

What can I use the "Report Abuse/ Harassment" form for?
That form is used to report users who continually harass you on Gaia. If a user is constantly trying to flame you, fight with you, talk to you or make any form of contact with you despite asking them to go away, it's harassment. That's stalking. You can add a user to your ignore list and still report them, especially if they keep making new accounts to get to you. This form should not be used to report hackers, scams or people cybering in towns. This form is to report abuse that is directed specifically at you, as in you are being specifically targeted by this person or group of people.
(borrowed from kage-ookami4)


1) If they ask for a password, it is BAD.
2) If you are still not sure, post it in the forum and ask other Gaians.
3) Avoid being sent off site. If you are, and it looks like you need to log back in, double check the address. Better yet, have a Official Gaia Log in you bookmarks set, and us it to get back in.
4) If you cannot see their profile. It's bad.
5) If the PM Message has the Gaian's name in blue. It's Bad! (Official staff has special colors)


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Please help me compile a list of hackers/scammers!

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