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The name's Chimera, but call me Tony if you know me.
Otherwise, it's Mr. Chimera to you. evil

I am multi-racial and proud of it.

I go to a good college. Sweet.

I like sarcasm.

I am not a terrorist.... even though I sound like one sometimes.

I can't speak other languages but I can understand many (for the most part).

Don't push my buttons.

I love mythology, especially Greek and Roman.

If I seem mean to you, don't take offense 'cause it's probably a joke. If I really don't like you, you will know. 3nodding

I like intellectual conversations. I also like sexual innuendos. Feel free to engage me in either. ;D

I reject random friend requests on the spot; if you want to be my friend, you'll have to talk to me first. DON'T ASK ME FOR DONATIONS AS A GREETING!!! (I'm on donation-hiatus anyway)

Random comments are okay, but not random PMs.
My PM box is strictly for business.

I clean up my friend list on a regular basis; if I never hear from you and you are on it, prepare to be deleted.

I would love some avi art! Anyone gracious enough to make avi art or donate gold to me for my quest gets a free sign (everyone loves signs!).

I was an '07 GDer, but the GD went to s**t. So I left it.
However, signs are still awesome (clothing optional*, but not preferred).

I believe I should rule the world.

Rum is my drink.

*Addendum for signs: the "clothing optional" option applies to females only.
If you are a male/hermaphrodite and you send me a sign with nudity, I will have my hacker friends track down the location of your IP address so that I can personally come and jam my thumbs in your tear ducts.

And, finally, ******** you (no, not you, that other person).

Disclaimer: The Violence Kings and all other characters from Kings of Power 4 Billion % are property of Paul Robertson.


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Loveyy Lemon Report | 01/20/2012 11:53 am
I swear I've talked to you before.
As well as know you. .___.
But, oh well.
So, you're into the Greek and Roman mythology too?
Damn. You're my new lover. c; Lmao.
Darc Nightgale Report | 09/16/2011 10:18 pm
Happy Birthday! yum_cupcake
Multi-soul Report | 05/17/2011 9:39 pm
hey what up i just wanted to know if ur willing to sell your sunken ship background for 170,000 gold
Loveyy Lemon Report | 03/25/2011 4:53 pm
All I did was read your profile, and I already love you. XD
Ohh. And I LOVE the Roman and Greek mythology stuff.
My favorite. <3

Ohh~ And, sexual innuendo. Don't get too horny, ya hear? ;3
Darc Nightgale Report | 09/15/2010 12:39 pm
Hope you have a Happy Birthday. 3nodding
Kain-Senpai Report | 05/18/2010 4:10 pm
That he is. He's part of the original 4 that was announced.
Kain-Senpai Report | 05/17/2010 4:59 pm
I'm like that with anime. There are so few titles I would be willing to watch... speaking of games, I've noticed (mostly within my genre of choice) a lack of titles. March was pretty big. But now? I'm lucky to get a title once a month. I had the chance to get Neir and 3D Dot Game Heroes, but I've heard bad about Neir (it shouldn't surprise me, as SE's only GOOD stuff if the Final Fantasy games.). I am interested in Marvel v. Capcom 3 (as I have 2, and am looking for 1).
Kain-Senpai Report | 05/17/2010 4:53 pm
It's OK. Busy as usual with work and such. I was swamped over the weekend of chores around the house. Been reading a lot, playing Brutal legend and Persona 4. How about you?
Kain-Senpai Report | 05/17/2010 4:47 pm
I know. ^^ But I like networking and talking to others (but I;m not stupid about it, either. lawls).
Kain-Senpai Report | 05/17/2010 4:43 pm
Lawls. Gundamu is a very good person. He and I talk, is all. You're my number 1. heart


Reading is knowledge.
Knowledge is power.
Power corrupts.
... I love books.


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