Well, My name is Rebecca! What's yours...ok really I don't care so don't even tell me. Alrighty I'm just kidding. Or am i? Anyway theres a lot of things people don't know about me. If anyone recognizes some of the stuff on this about me section its because I usually use it for my RP characters, but its really who I am. I first made this biography on my computer journal and I liked the way it sounded so I used it on RPs and such.

    I draw and play music like I care what everyone else thinks? I wish I had an inspiration though. No I don't hate life; I've just made some pretty bad choices. Can you blame me? It’s not exactly like I've had 'parents' to hold my hand. I'm sarcastic and funny though many people don't get the chance to see that side. Ok that's bull, everyone gets to see that side. The side they DON'T see, is the sensitive side of me, I don't really like that side. I'm the girl whose head never ceases to be buried in a book. If you hate me, I'm the one who hates you right back, but always smiles in your face. I'm always playing music at home, locked in my room, in my world. I can be nice, sure. I'm actually very nice; probably not to you, but to people I really care about or can trust. Don’t get upset if I look at you and blink. That’s just who I am. For some reason I have a bazillion friends.. I'm brutally honest, even if it hurts you. I think its funny, but then again everything is funny. I can feel your jealousy, I like it. ^.^

    I hate girly girls. Then again, who the hell doesn't? All they think about is how much they love shopping and boys. Did I mention I absolutely hate shopping? Girly girls probably consider shopping a sport. Ha! How the hell can anyone find walking around and picking up clothes interesting? I have other things that I can occupy myself with. Like playing the piano or reading! Like a girly girl even knows what the hell a book is. I hate people who are way too happy. On the contrary I hate people who aren’t happy at all. I guess I’m just contradicting myself. I love watching others laugh; it brings me great joy to know that I put a smile on someone else’s face. Like I wish others could do for me.

    I like boys…and girls. Yeah I know, nasty! Well I like everything sorry for the way I am. I don’t think it’s that big a deal. I’ve barely had any girl crushes so if you’re a girl, don’t worry I won’t hit on you. Unless I think you’re hot. If I do…than I’ll hit on you, sorry! Well I’ve always been a bit short for my age, five feet three is pretty short, right? I’ve only grown three inches since I was ten. I hate it.

    My favorite color is green, and if you don't like the color green then I don't like you. You know green is a sexy color its better if you don't lie about it. Hmm, well theres a lot of things about me that you probably don't know. I love music, and playing music and drawing and writing. Yes you can say I'm just all around artsy type of chick. My favorite food is Chicken Parmesan and Pasta {however you freakin' spell it, its not the spelling that counts! Its the great taste!}. Once again you no likey...I no likey you. I'm crazy! Don't you forget that.

    No I’m not normal I’m simply out of this world.


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This is a story I've just started writing. Everytime I finish a chapter I'll try and post it on here ASAP. :3 I just want to know what people think of it. Thanks!



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Las Mariposas Exoticas

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Las Mariposas Exoticas

I love that song, on your signature!

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Heyy. I was watching this song on youtube called "Winds Nocturne" when I saw your commented. In your comment you put your Gaia username, so I thought, 'Hey, this girl's on Gaia too! I'll leave her a comment!'

So yeah. Hi. xD

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Hey Girl!
How are you this fine and wonderful day?
Well I hope to talk to you later!

M U S i C betch!

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I miss yous
Maxen Loire

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Maxen Loire

Random comment for 22 Gold.

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thanks for the purchase

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Random Comment!

My name is Rebecca too and I love GREEN! =D

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Hi! You commented my Winds Nocturne Movie on Youtube, And wow! you got the same name (Rebecca) as the one i love XD man im hyper, anywho, Laterz! <3


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