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My name is Joner, & yes thats a nick name. I was born 18 years ago. No brother's or sisters. I do want an older brother though. but I dont think that would be possible anytime soon. Im not very close to my family. I think they hate me. Im pretty sure that my friends love me though. I love my friends. They pretty great considering the amount of sucky people out there. They have their sucky moments, but on those times, you learn to accept them for the way they are.

Im not very good at alot of things, including writing. I still type with one hand, and it still takes me a long time to type one paragraph, even when Im copying it down. I know a good story when I read one though. & Im good with coming up with plots. Just dont ask me to write one, it will turn out horrible & annoying.

One of my main hobbies is video editing, It's sooo funn, I might make it a carreer someday. I just have to finish a video. I have so many I need to finish. I get ideas pretty quickly & I start a new project almost every second, I just never get the time to finish them. It's pretty bad that Im a procrastinator. So even the simplest of hobbies or prodjects, I cant even finish. did that makes sense? see Im bad at writing. & my grammar suck too.

I have a theory, I think Im socially awkward. but the opposite of the usual social awkwardness that people go through. You know those people that are awkward in real life but are so talkative online. yeah Im the opposite of that. I am... noticeable in real life. I always want to be around people. Im kinda clingy too. I laugh alot. & I can easily make friends with the people I deem likable. I love alot of people & and I have lot of "lovers" . Online, I just want to be left alone. Im okay with talking to people online. it just seems bothersome to me, like it feels like its an actual chore to talk to them. I have an aim. I hate it. People just seems annoying online. Im one of those people that has a myspace. I hate it too. I hate having to keep up with responding to comments. Online, I just want to be left alone free to surf the web. listen to music, watch videos, read information. I still wonder why Im part of so many community sites like myspace or this one. Im never going to try to get to know people that Im never going to meet in real life.

The only site I truly love is Youtube. maybe xanga.... okay maybe wikipedia too. & Im starting to love Live Journal. But seriously my main love goes to youtube. Unlike talking to people on those community site, I know that the people I get to know or watch on youtube are real. People dont see the potential of youtube as a great networking site. It's amazing. I love vloggers. My favorite is the vlogbrothers. They have inspired me to do so many things that I never thought poessible. I've learned so many new things from them also. I love how I can meet people like them on youtube.

Im sure I have more to say, but I should leave off now. I have hw to do.

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