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And so . . . I welcome you to my domain.

May those who accept their fate be granted happiness. May those who defy it be granted glory.

I should say nothing. I don't know what to say. I'm Lys and I'm different and weird.

I feel unraveled. I feel kept. Maybe its better to not feel at all.

People say I'm nice. I think they're lying.

I'm weird. I'm always weird. I randomly stare at people but when they look back, I can't stare into their eyes. Because I can't.

I'm a writer. Although I'm not very good at it.

I'm into photography and film. There's still something missing.

It was an everything that was nothing. I've fallen.

"It's the light that craves for the dark."

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Aeternum et Semper

I'll write and write and write. Words swirl in my mind as they flow through my fingers as I write. Love is what I write about and an adventure as we speak. I'll exhume the feeling of warmth and joy, I'll try my best that is. Writing is what I've drea


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Pokebattler Report | 06/09/2017 11:44 pm
I'll make sure to read it.
Winnifred Portley-Rind Report | 07/07/2015 10:41 pm
Winnifred Portley-Rind
you're welcome! ^^ I love pink. lol it's my favorite color actually.
anyway, I think you can change it? just go to the My Gaia page, hover over Account Settings and click on Profile Options.
otherwise, there should be an edit button in the top-right corner of your profile (I think it should say "edit my profile layout" or something.)
I hope this helps XD
Winnifred Portley-Rind Report | 07/06/2015 12:30 am
Winnifred Portley-Rind
hope you don't mind my saying so, but you have a very cute profile! c:
(and the song you have on your profile is also a song I know, so yay! XD I love "Your Guardian Angel", it's one of my favorites ^^ )
The Nocturnal Star Report | 02/24/2014 1:50 pm
The Nocturnal Star
Well I kinda wanted to watch it anyways lol, but I guess xp
The Nocturnal Star Report | 02/22/2014 3:24 pm
The Nocturnal Star
Nice, I want to see the movie already : D
The Nocturnal Star Report | 02/20/2014 6:30 pm
The Nocturnal Star
Lol alright, I'll try to watch it as soon as possible xp, see what all this "Tadaa" is about biggrin
The Nocturnal Star Report | 02/19/2014 4:51 pm
The Nocturnal Star
O: uh cool lol, you're still saying "Tada" xD
The Nocturnal Star Report | 02/16/2014 4:21 pm
The Nocturnal Star
Okay whatever, its a Unicorn lol. And you Read the book? Wow ._. you must like the movie then
The Nocturnal Star Report | 02/05/2014 6:03 pm
The Nocturnal Star
Its not a unicorn!, it was a horse, and wow...that movie trailer was uh.....idk Lol Do you want to see that movie?
The Nocturnal Star Report | 01/20/2014 4:05 pm
The Nocturnal Star
Are you serious!? xD fine whatever then. Next time you want to tell me something, just tell me ._.


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