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Chip Nichols I am ever so weary of these tyrannical politicians using our tax $ against us in passing feckless, liberty stripping laws...and then we have to take up a collection to pose a challenge in the courts, and then they get to use our tax $ to fight our challenge. They should have to fund raise as well if they want to fight our challenge.

Robert Hernandez These politicians have gotten out of hand and we are being more restricted in handling these types of situations by those that don’t understand what they’re voting for. You keep corrupt ‘officials’ in office, they take away your rights and convince you…See More

Ronnie Seaman Federal marshals service needs to take over law enforcement in California and New York.

Dustin Tenney As a California resident, I'm ashamed of my state for this. At least I know there's at least one federal judge with his head on straight.

Brittany Gerschoffer Death - Dead :  Brittany Gerschoffer  Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown

Rory Patrick Hamill Death - Dead :  Rory Patrick Hamill Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown

Chef B Pdx Deaths-Dead  / Obituaries : Chef B Pdx of Portland may have passed away.

Chase Waters Fox High School Death - Dead :  Chase Waters Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown

Drama teacher Glen Hochkeppel Death - Dead :  Glen Hochkeppel Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown

Miami Dr Glenn Barquet Death - Dead :  Dr Glenn Barquet Obituary, Cause of Death is Covid-19 Coronavirus.

Jazz Saxophonist Richie Cole Death - Dead :  Richie Cole Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown

Trumpet Stephen Goforth Death - Dead :  Stephen Goforth Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown

Justin Jones Death - Dead :  Justin Jones Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown

Sam Shirley Deaths-Dead  / Obituaries :  Sam Shirley of Wichita Falls TX may have passed away.

Steve Rabak Death - Dead :  Steve Rabak Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown

Derek Ogg Death - Dead :  Derek Ogg Obituary, Rawcliffe Gardens Langside⁦houstonpolice⁩-tactical-flight-officer-jason-knox-our-thoughts-prayers-go-out-to-his-wife-two-y/

Guss Miller It’s simple California and all other states, stop electing all these pathetic democrats to run your states. Vote them out of office or stop complaining. States that are controlled by liberal Democrats will finally in up bankrupting the state,poverty and corrupt. I know some blue states you won’t be able to save. You’ll have to move. Blue states love to violate your constitutional rights. 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment.

Kyle Corcoran Yet Californians continue to elect Democrats to their state government even though they are at odds with most of their policies.

Alan Hammer Communist state of California! They all need to be removed from not just government but - - - - / - - -!

John King Based on ammo sales, that develops a government data base on who has guns what type of guns they have and how frequently they use them (Unless the buyers are buying ammo to resale to other people. This law will only apply to law abiding citizens.

Paul Westrich I don't purchase ammunition, but I would support black market purchasing in California in direct defiance of this Appeals Court

Chad Khiing Donohue Just read that headline: "reinstated", "after", "federal judge had deemed the law unconstitutional and a violation of the Second Amendment."

I dont understand government well enough to understand why those words could be put in that order.

Adam Robbins Politicians jobs is to uphold and defend the constitution. Like it or hate it, that’s their job. And their performance should be judged on their capacity to do so.

Supremacy clause nullifies government intervention on powers higher than them. Jazz Saxophonist Richie Cole Death - Dead :  Richie Cole Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown is to restrict the government. Not restrict the people.

The constitution should've prevented the US from having a corrupt president, but the constitution wasn't adhered to. No one's up in arms about that, so don't cry wolf about background checks. Fight for all constitutional violations or don't fight at all

Why is it a problem if someone tries to look out for people Civil Rights? Those are Rights as well. You can't have it both ways.

Along with a criminal background check for every firearm purchased you have to have a California safety certificate that has to be renewed every five years. You also have to show ID and pay a special tax for all ammo purchased. The state has to have modifications to pistols, shotguns and rifles that are unique to the state. The ammo sold can not contain lead for environmental reasons so the kind we are able to buy is more expensive. Ammunition can no longer be ordered on line and sent into the state without a Federal Firearms License. Welcome to The Peoples Republic of California.

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