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-- ahaa...i see that you've wandered over here to my profile. please remember to clean you feet on the welcome mat before walking in. i was going to go all paragraph form on this. but lucky for you, i'm too lazy. wink )

hello me lovies...
'tis emily here~

~:0) sixteen candles on mr. cake {gah im so old}

~:0) location: cardboard box in the us of a

~:0) yellow pride-ness {chinese}

~:0) i am...uhm....[crickets chirp]...ya know? i asked my parents what we were when i was little, and guess what their answer was. whatever you want to be~ -_-" a little annoying-- {atheist}

~:0) lucky baby {arrived to take over the world on 3.17 ~ now isn't that wonderful?}

~:0) music <3 just can't live w/o it {piano choir etc but minus violin....-for all you frenchies out there- je deteste le violon. ps. sorry if its wrong...i epic fail at languages ; ~ ; oh...and add no orchestra in there too.} currently the 11th year of piano-ing

~:0) a major noob when it comes to...a lot of things in life.

~:0) L O V E FOOD ^____^

~:0) nearsighted: glasses / contacts

~:0) easily distrac-- oh look! it's a birdy! n 3n

~:0) procrastinates way too much

~:0) not a big fan [not a fan at all] of the color pink.

~~time for other random stuff:
...to be updated whenever ;D {{remind me or else i'll forget}}
current likes: movies, pictures, bakeries, MOOSIC, stalking my beloved bands
current dislikes: annoying people, aim talk (lyk..r u 4 reelz), extremely bad grammar (i'm usually fine with it, but when you go all "they is" on me, i'll go crazy)

Oh Ehm Gee...i'm worth 10,689,759 gold~!
{as of 6/26/10 with current amount of gold}

click teh link! >=D or else my little imaginary friend will hunt you down...so make sure you click it! n__n
~kuromangos painted cafe art collab~
[[ps...vote for..whatever they have up there]]
** razz it died.

latest one(s) i guess? [[may be some repeated items...will update once in a while~]] what happens when i'm bored:

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needs: kottan bell, la jolie dormeuse, lightning bug, kanoko's nightmares, checkered nightmare, seracila pendant, hunny the bear, mana seed, little princeling

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needs: horns of the demon, wed to darkness, sd #99 kanoko, steel-plated ninja band, omg, kottan bell, picolitrosso's urn, blade's legging, black wool top, kinzie the scottish plushie, masquerade (2 of em), demonic anklets, bouncy antennae, berry tavern wench's bustier, prince antoine, nartian star

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needs: rio star, imaginary friend, compass of seidh, bellisimo pianoforte, chemical love, sdplus #174 starmony

i sorta like the last one the best n__n

also questing some other random stuff.
if you could help, thatd be so

to force you to keep reading, i have continued "about me" all the way at the bottom here. biggrin

view on books: i dislike VAMPIRES. that's right girls. EDWARD CULLEN SUCKS. but i am a harry potter fan ;o i have a general like for all good books that are NOT boring and don't make me fall asleep within the first chapter. i've also recently discovered i hate all books that take place in the Puritan times. (the crucible, scarlet letter, etc. ) as well as books which talk about how mcdonalds and other fast food restaurants came to existence.

view on music: i like all music other than rap and most classical. i don't mind pretty/ cool sounding classicals, but the boring normal ones are a no no. if you have any song suggestions that you want me to listen to, feel free to share biggrin

view on food: I. AM. UNABLE. TO LIVE. WITHOUT IT. enough said. . .

view on life in general: school and hw suck. >__> [[also remind me to fix up this part of about me]]


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II stary eyed II

Report | 12/24/2010 4:32 pm

II stary eyed II

Merry Christmas friend x
Vanishing Into

Report | 09/29/2010 11:04 pm

Vanishing Into

-hugs- hey! biggrin
boki boutique

Report | 06/26/2010 3:09 pm

boki boutique

Hey soul sister. <333
I love that song. C:

Report | 02/25/2010 5:12 pm


Wanna come to my Chinese New Year Party? It's at Virtual Hollywood 3 my room! ;D

Report | 02/10/2010 12:09 pm


So lucky.
It's snowing here, but it's kind of small and it WON'T stick >:
We had an early dismissal today, but you guys had no school ;~;
I'm really hoping for a snow day tomorrow...but that's not likely. UGH.

Report | 02/09/2010 3:25 pm


lol yeah ikr.
I'm excited and I hope we have a snow day, but I doubt it because we have a reputation for NEVER having snow days.
And...I'm missing a biology field trip because of the snow :'(
So sad.
But yeah. 9-12 inches. woot : D
it's really cold up here...that's all I can say xP
haha jk. it's okay. : )

Report | 11/06/2009 3:29 pm


Nice. lol.
Well our choir sucks.
And our song is really weird too XDD She just calls it the African Celtic piece
because the lyrics only go: di de di de di de / di di di di di di di di / blather / shangara shangagara / minanzi minanzi / etc...

Report | 11/06/2009 3:21 pm


Haha wowww. That was from wayy long ago.
They haven't changed the signs yet? XDD
Maybe I should make one for them : D jkjk.
Haha, how's A Capella? Any cool pieces?

Report | 11/06/2009 3:13 pm


OHHH lmfao yeahh!!
I remember that XDD

In the choir practice rooms?
: D

Report | 11/06/2009 2:42 pm


I have a vague remembrance of it...but I don't really remember writing mango XDD
explain again? lolz. x3