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Yar the name: formerly xcogitant but it wasn't apt enough:
It literally means 'One eyed raven god' in Swedish lolz yar aka Odin but I like the description.
The archetype suits me very well. I have a blind left eye and my animals are ravens and serpents. It also goes further with me into astrology and mythology, but I won't trouble you with an essay!

Anyway I am a writer. I also beleive in probability and scientific evidence over religion, although having said that, I love mythology and the occult. I am Pagan because I guess it makes common sense to worship rational things like the sun and the natural rythms of time!

I also love producing art in many forms and watching interesting and funny things.
I studied biochemistry at Uni and I love anything intellectually stimulating,challenging and fun! I also love travel and new experience and my personal ambition is to journey around the globe biggrin

My interests are very wide and expansive and I love to dissect subjects, correlate and cross over between them! there are no boundaries in knowledge and I always hunger for more biggrin

Anyway I will post some of my work on here:

This is an excerpt from chapter 9 page 196:

His eye changed to a pure seething, abyssal black- the entire eye including the whole sclera, and his face looked dark gray with black runes of pain and destruction, and his aura was black and focussed with dark intent and the deep, sucking, devouring, timeless, fear inducing bottomless void of loss and pain. His third eye spiralled widdershins as opposed to deosil and was red and black and canyon like, carved deep into his forehead rather than glowing, and edged with dark, rasping, grasping, desperate feathers.
But this profound horrific energy was very transitory in nature as the druid memorised his absolute hatred and vengeance for what happened to his wife.
Bran Iorwerth shocked himself back into glowing wholeness again like an angel had suddenly cast the devil from his very soul and flooded his entire body, mind and soul threefold with the pure divine light from the source. His eye lost its choking, extinguishing darkness and suddenly blinked on as if somebody had flicked on the switch for a bulb; and the holy flame of enlightenment was reignited.
Bran y eiu swallowed hard. This was quite frightening. He had now seen dark magic and its source. In his own father's eye he had seen the very pit of the black hole of hell which probably served as an abyssal oubliette for unredeemed souls that had denied all knowledge of god and that were waiting to begin reformation. He knew what his father was capable of; and it became quite axiomatic that one should never cross a druid. Not ever.


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Things I do in my life

This is an update of what I do, interestingly enough


Sun and Moon Twins and my other avi

User ImageUser Image

This is Corvus Morrigan. The Morrigan is my female archetype; she is associated with ravens and can transform herself into one. She is also one-eyed curiously enough!

Here is her page:

For some absurd reason it links from her profile off this avi's image there but not conversely mad

Being star sign Gemini I need to have two avi's biggrin

It all figures- or maybe it doesn't but that is for you to decide! I just go along with my research and things that seem to 'fit'...


We all have our own unique perspectives (I hope at least! the day they mass clone humans will be world fail day)
The only constant in life is change. Other than that nothing is 100% biggrin But there is rational probability based on evidence and that is good enough for me!

This is a picture of me :D

User Image

This is some of my art and is compound of three scanned in sketches all painstakingly colored on paint. The whole process took 2 days.

Will whack some paintings up once I upload them

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ZOhMyGunz Report | 09/13/2010 4:50 pm
oooo wows! nice avi!
ZOhMyGurl Report | 09/10/2010 1:38 pm
It's Matt! ZOhMyGunz!
ZOhMyGurl Report | 09/10/2010 1:31 pm
hey do you know who i am???
ZOhMyGunz Report | 09/09/2010 5:03 pm
hey, ima go eat, i will be back
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hey! isee your still on, cant sleep?
ewilke Report | 09/06/2010 10:34 am
thanks for the buy!
Undistinguished Report | 09/02/2010 9:18 am
Awesome avvie art. =D
Fangorn Fae Report | 08/27/2010 11:54 pm
Fangorn Fae
Oh, awesome! I have some gaia cash, maybe I can get it lol
Fangorn Fae Report | 08/27/2010 11:05 pm
Fangorn Fae
Dude, what is the hair you have called? I've been looking for it for days >.<
Snarry_Fernsfairie Report | 08/25/2010 8:48 pm
Thanks for buying! pirate



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