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Hello everyone, Satoko here! I live by the Furude Shrine in Hinamizawa together with my best friend, Rika. Though I spend most of my time in school, doing club activities with Mion-san, Rena-san, Rika and Keiichi-san. If I'm not there I'm in the forest, improving some of my traps. *snicker* Oh, not to brag or anything, but I'm real good at it, too! So you better not go in there without me, or you might end up... O-hohoho~, well, I won't spoil the surprises!

My past..? I'd- I'd rather not talk about that... It's... Alright then, b-but only once, okay? You'd better listen...!
...There were once plans to make a dam, which would submerge Hinamizawa and a few other small villages underwater. Of course, the citizens of Hinamizawa were completely against it, except for my parents who supported the idea. Because of that, our family was extremely hated through the whole town.

My mother remarried, and we got a stepfather that wasn't nearly as nice as father. I didn't like him one bit! I was so desperate to get rid of him, I tried to call the SOS hotline for child abuse and lie about him abusing me. It felt promising at first, but in the end they found out that I was lying and quit caring. Things started feeling hopeless...

... ... ...Uhm, anyway... Once, we went on a family trip. I figured it was mother's idea, since he couldn't care less about us after all. That trip changed our lives forever. My stepfather and my mother were looking at a waterfall, when they suddenly fell off the viewing platform... It had been confirmed that my stepfather drowned, and it's unknown what happened to my mother. The police thought that it was a planned murder at first, but... ...

Me and my brother were then taken care of by our aunt - Tamae, and our uncle - Teppei. Every day with them was like a nightmare... Our uncle got drunk what felt like every day, and he was always very violent. I was the one he hit the most. Luckily, I had my brother there to comfort and protect me. As long as he was with me, I would pull through. Yes... At that time, I depended on him more than anything...

After a while, the night of the Watanagashi festival came, a big occasion in Hinamizawa. Back then, I didn't feel a lot about it, but everyone were so excited... I believed that brother and I might be able to have fun together and forget everything for a little while. But it turned out that he had something to do, and couldn't go with us to the festival. Not wanting to be alone at home, I went with my friends instead. It wasn't very fun without Satoshi, and I felt lost and sad even though they tried their hardest to cheer me up.

Later that night, I got to know that my aunt had been found murdered. It was shocking, of course, but for some reason I didn't really feel sad over it. That was, until I was told that my brother had disappeared as well. Spirited away by demons, they all said... I won't believe in that! Brother surely had a good reason to leave! I have no idea where he went and why, but he wouldn't leave me alone just like that. He promised not to...

...As I said before. Right now, I'm living with Rika. It would be great if my brother decided to come back, and the three of us could all live together, wouldn't it? I'm looking forward to that day. It'll most definitely come! Ah, d-don't pity me! I have total faith in nii-n... ehh, my older brother. I know that he'll come back to me one day, and until that day comes I'm going to be strong. No more crying or complaining.

Yes, I'll do my very best!


This is my first attempt at a cosplay-account [Satoko Houjou from the anime series Higurashi no Naku Koro ni]. Hopefully, I'll do an okay job. I chose Satoko because back when I signed up, there were no other Satokos around. And someone has to be the first, tha~!

Sukisuki Nii-nii!



"Myyy~, why are you standing over there with a basin as a hat?
Now, for you to show such uncouth manners, it's quite a pitiful sight! O-hohohohohoho~!"

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Yangire Rena Ryugu Report | 03/19/2013 10:58 am
Yangire Rena Ryugu
Konichiwa! heart
Delusional Shion Report | 08/18/2011 7:21 pm
Delusional Shion
Thank you for the accept Satoko-chan. (:
fuyuzora precious Report | 11/14/2010 7:18 am
fuyuzora precious
Happeh b-day??:3
xKeiichi Report | 10/17/2010 10:25 pm
hi satoko
BabyStar09 Report | 10/03/2010 2:23 pm
Thanks for buying at my store smile
Angel No Ryuugu Report | 08/22/2010 10:38 am
Angel No Ryuugu
Hi good avi *-*

Ceiling Russia Sees All Report | 08/11/2010 2:52 pm
Ceiling Russia Sees All
hi =D
B e i j i n g - B u n n y Report | 11/17/2009 3:57 pm
B e i j i n g - B u n n y
psssst, i think france posed a question at you.

o 3 o
a whores hoe Report | 10/25/2009 1:59 pm
a whores hoe
Thank you.

Your is cute too, uuuuu~

B e i j i n g - B u n n y Report | 10/21/2009 7:08 pm
B e i j i n g - B u n n y
Oh you got accepted alright!
I see your name!

* U *

Nii-nii, suki!