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Satoshi is the older brother of Satoko Hojo. Although he is currently missing, his past influence is the key to the actions of several characters in Higurashi. Similar to Satoko, he cannot distinguish the difference between cauliflower and broccoli. Due to this, it can be inferred that both Satoshi and Satoko are color-blind. Satoshi is referred to by Satoko as nii-nii, a childish form of the Japanese word ani (兄, ani meaning older brother). According to the TIPS in Meakashi-hen, he was last seen at a Nagoya train station boarding a Shinkansen bound for Tokyo. This was revealed prior to the start of Matsuribayashi-hen to be a result of him trying to run away from home due to his abuse, only to change his mind a few moments later. While it is suggested that he may have witnessed his aunt's death in the games, In the anime, Satoshi is implied to have killed her or was so disturbed that he believed he did. Combined with the stress of taking care of Satoko and the murder, he succumbs to Hinamizawa Syndrome. In Matsuribayashi-hen, at least in the anime, and in Miotsukushi-hen, it is revealed that Doctor Irie put him under heavy sedation in the underground parts of the clinic, while in the visual novel equivalent, he is still alive yet his whereabouts are unknown.

~*~* After story ( fan made by me ) ~*~*
After long months have past, Dr. Irie finally fixed Satoshi enough to let him go free into society. Satoshi made great progress and had controlled most of his Hinamizawa symptoms. He was afraid to come back though, it had been a long while until he had been able to touch or even speak to his beloved friends or even sister. Satoshi was determined nevertheless. He came back, and everyone surprisingly received him with open arms, and watery eyes of course. But even though everything was getting back to normal and Satoshi began to take care of his sister once more and develop his feelings for Shion, he had this small itch on the back of his brain. There was... something was bothering him, his friends to him seemed, a bit...suspicious at times. Even though they had done nothing wrong, he felt a bit tense around them, and his usual shy self seemed to be out of place. Plus, if he was starting all over, why were they staring at him like that...? With those...eyes....
Well, he couldn't have just laid back and done nothing, leaving himself a bit helpless and scared like that. Especially now that he had to take care of Satoko alone. No...no...he won't let anything go wrong. ' I'll just take my bat..and improve it...for safety. It's not like I don't trust my friends...I - I just wanna be safe is all...'
So he bashed metal nails into his bat so they stuck out as sharp teeth, and he examined it with approval.
"Hey you guys...." he ran up to his friends and waved "Aren't you glad I'm back to normal?" he said smiling, and clutching the bat behind him....