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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read my About me ♥ you guys thanks for comin to my pro

Who was here Michelle!!
I'm 16!!
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Brown
Favorite colors: Lime green, Pink, Yeloow, Ornage, I like bright colors!
Location: Florida, Miami Beach
Weight:121 LBS
Race: White, Native American, Half Asian, Half Irish,Half Canadian!
Born: May 22 ,1993!!
Born: California
I was pregnant na I ******** kidding!!
I like boys..
I'm a total dumb NERD with NERDY swag on some days haha thats me I am random!!
I love the NINJA GAME haha!!
Absolutely love MAnga's haha my lil sister got me addicted to Manga s**t i thought they were so anoyying but, na I like them haha =)!!

Ehhhhhhhhh amazing information about me =).!!
I'm a freak!
Everyone calls me Chelle, Elle,ShellBell, Green Bean, Jolly Rancher, an Freak On A Leash alot more nick names lolz..
Pretty F*ckin INSANE but, everyone loves it..
Pretty cute..
I'm fun to be around..
I dont care what people think about me.. I hate worthless people. Mostly everyone enjoys me and loves to talk to me!! I support almost all my friends back bone. I'm shy but, after when I'm around you alot I wont be shy.. Some fun SHYT right here.. ("ALSO ******** FOR VIRGINITY..") wink ..
Don't get me wrong everyone likes it..
I am slut free!! =P Bad shyt like BLUNT'S & DRINKIN straight up out of my sight.. Lovin life to the fullest..
My life is full of love and cheer and fun ness if so..
I have a cell phone if so talk to me and maybe ill give you my number.. 801-635-914_=).. Nice,Fun,Creative,Awesome,Very Funny,Good at doin Jokes, and Treated with so much respect because I respect others.. In school right now got all straight A's point average is 4.00.. I'm on a VOLLEYBALL, BASKETBALL team,CHEERLEADING,DANCE, I just barely got picked to do some MODELING,and writing music..Music freinds and family and god are my life can't live with out them..My heart my soul are leading the path I want it to go it's so great I love my life so much thankyou for the people who have helped me support it.. I pretty cool dont be shy to come talk to a stranger like ("me").. I'm pretty cool to get to know.. But you ******** around with me say s**t that ain't true s**t get the ******** out of my life and also step the ******** off my steps.. Don't bring no DAMN drama to this page.. Especially if your a ("LIAR BACK THE HELL AWAY FROM ME DON'T SPEAK s**t") Freinds who do that are full of c**k s**t..
I love doin art also love to workout..I'm a person who loves to have fun and all of that but hates drama, fakers, and liars.. I'm honest fair.. Come get to know me ("PM") Im pretty cool to get to know people..

♥ Michelle ♥

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=) hopin you love the pics!!


welcome welcome welcome welcome to my profile plz enjoy ur ride keep..hands feet in side the roller coster at all time's..have a great ride..

I like this dude he is like my best freind gaia freind kinda thing lol..