Heyz ya'll, I'm Ashley! Some people call me Angel, Mercy Murder, Mercedes, or Ghetto girl (don't ask). To make things short and sweet I'll just get straight to the point. I can be a major b***h if you piss me off,I can be a flirt/sweetheart, I'm taken by the amazing Zech, and I'm so serious I have a 30ft pole shoved up my a**!! (ok that last part isnt quite true..it's only like 25 ft lol). I have a weird sense of humor and when I'm upset don't mess with me cause well one of us will regret it and I KNOW it wont be me. Ha ok I'm done making myself sound terrible, if you need anything let me know I'm always willing and ready to help friends in need. I have myspace, myyearbook, facebook, hatchetspace, twitter, Yahoo IM, and neopets (don't like it shut the ******** up cause I don't care) Ha yah ok this is way to long so yah message me with any questions and I'll answer you everytime.. I'm an open book ha.