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Report | 09/22/2015 3:48 pm

Queen Shira

_And needs listings, for another thing. SMH._ gonk
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Report | 09/22/2015 12:48 pm

Queen Shira

_So much inflation.........._ emo
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Report | 09/22/2015 5:43 am


So much items in storage, so little time and so little tracked.
It's super hard to search for things like that because exactly! The tagging is so messed up.

I doubt I'll ever get that either. It's amazing how some people manage to have all that time or resources to grind for the high trillions even. Exactly! If you got a million you were RICH, but now you can hardly buy anything with it >v>;; Would you ever have imagined back then that 500,000 would be worthless?

The eggs are 200 billion each, per piece; not even by the dozen. The world would be a crazy one if it had Gaia logic.
Everyone would probably have to go naked too, because clothes would be r a r e. Shirts would be for the very upper class, bottoms for the regular upper; having both for the extremely rich.
And the accessories would possibly at times be even MORE than a whole outfit. wink

Yes, banish them to storage where they can stay until they're worth more -shot-
Wait for the next influx: then the Tanuki might hit the trillions~

And yep! They removed soulbounds for the Luminous Kitsune, Tanuki, Eerie Lantern, Somber Kokeshi, Stagony, and any of the other basic/starter kins. Weirdly the normal Kokeshi are still soulbound. O .O

How did they appease the RNG/DROP G o d s?
I swear h o w
Like whenever people talk about how they have a bunch it's just like WHAT HOW
Where are they even getting them?
How do you even get to the point where you can like casually say you get so much rare drops TvT

can we even have decent drops plz
decent drops for the less privileged
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Report | 09/21/2015 9:12 am

Queen Shira

_Timid Swift Shocker, Viral Terror of 1999, Eternally Mine Mine Mine, and Toxic Devil Slayer._ smile
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Report | 09/20/2015 10:22 pm


To be fair, I never got any of the Beyonds (or if I did, it's somewhere in my inventory rotting and I haven't noticed it). Is it good? Have yet to find a use for it 'o'
Wish they would though, definitely. Thanks for naming the color we're not fond of Gaia. Now how about all the others?
YES! And when you pick the tag for said random color it's the only hit xD Either that or HARDLY any of the actual items have that color (and it's like one small item only while the others aren't even close to the color). I actually had a case where I found this beautiful shade for an eye item once, and when you clicked it it would give a completely different color (the image showed a pearl white I think, and when you chose it the eyes were orange -shot-) I forgot what item it was, but that was a troll right there.

IKR? With Gaia, I wouldn't be surprised if that happened eventually. Everyone's in the trillions, and billions will get you the shabbiest or worst colored items. Quadrillion is the new in thing guys; and Quintillion is like your upper-rich class.

Then we'd never have to worry about money again. ;P Can you imagine trading with millions on a daily basis though? Haha, and the cost of a cake is around 1B if not more according to gaia logic. ;O
I know how that is thoouuggh YES. Those last minute doubts like: is this worth it? Can I use this shade of pink and green in the future? Will I one day fall into the fad and need it? wink

Then you end up keeping and never using it again. But that moment when you stumble or accidentally click on an item in the marketplace and it says "You have this item."
The mix feelings of relief (if you need it) or shame (if you d o n 't at all).

PFFt Nyaruma? I never got one. Didn't get to be a part of the lucky drop rate club.
But if you want a tanuki tho, I have like 6 rofl
(They're worth nothing in the marketplace when sold and they clog the inventory so badly: because the egg amounts don't compound)

Well at least if we're ever really desperate for the kin/item, it's possible to buy them now with the soulbound option gone. But it's costly as hell so not sure if it's worth it.

Very lucky. rofl You don't need to deal with them hogging inventory space~

Those people with like 7 stagonies though
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Report | 09/20/2015 8:47 pm


Apparently the philosophy of this system is
"If it's not broken, don't fix it. Wait, it's kind of broken? We'll get to that eventually. Have more mistagged shiny."

I wish they'd actually tag the shades of the colours a bit better as well. Because sometimes, you're looking for something to match a color scheme and "Black" "Blue" and "Red" aren't exactly the most search friendly colors. Like you'll probably get a load of hits, and hours later you find out the color is rare/discontinued. Some items have the kind of shade tagged (and sometimes you can find it when you search from avi builder: though the glitches on that thing is another story)
but others don't... or in worst case scenario, they have no tagged color at all. Just the name >.> Which doesn't appear when searched.

(The price inflation on Gaia is crazy! I actually restarted playing a while back after not playing for years and the first thing I saw was that.
Around 95% or lord knows if it's more are like 1B+
The direct sellback rates for other things hardly changed tho -shot-
They're still low

So everything's hella expensive, and if you can't sell it in the marketplace you're doomed. ^v^b)

RIGHT? More than half of the inventory is always gaudy colors you'll never use and will make you question why you bought it. You can only pray that eventually the price will be worth selling, or that you didn't choose that over a color you want. It makes you cringe when sorting though.

SAME! Like when everyone was talking about how they were trying to get their Golden Nyarumas, I was still trying to get a normal one. And it took like half of the event before I actually go a single egg drop.
Whenever I do get one now, I brush it off as luck -shot- Don't expect it to happen again for a l o n g time after.

Though now, it seem everything drops a Luminous Kitsune. The Kokeshis, the lanterns, the pegacorns,
All Luminous Kitsune.

You'd think the rate of THAT egg would drop after the event but nah
It apparently overrides everything else T vT
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Report | 09/20/2015 8:31 pm

Queen Shira

_LOL. I realized I wasn't wearing my toxic avi as much, so I am selling a few components. The items I need for my new toxic avi are kinda expensive. Le sigh._ emo
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Report | 09/20/2015 8:17 pm

Queen Shira

_LMFAO. I put together a pretty simple new toxic avi idea. Now I just have to wait for the items to be cheaper._ 3nodding xp
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Report | 09/20/2015 7:50 pm


Fix em Gaiiiiaa
Ur system is s u c k

You didn't? Oh gosh. THERE THEY ARE
You find them with the most minute/smallest accessory kind of tag
Dat's great tagging

YES! "When did I get these" and sometimes "Why did I get these oh gosh that color is h o r r i b l e I better not have paid a lot for this"

I do too TvT Like props to the people who can use them really well and make them look decent; but personally it's not really my taste. Sometimes the color can be gaudy.. And when they release like 35+ item updates in that color you innerly cry

Especially if you like the item itself but WHY THOSE COLORS
STAHP emotion_0A0

You can earn a lot by selling the eggs and potions. Each egg is like half a billion when you sell them from your inventory, and some eggs are like 10B+ in the marketplace. It's a good game when you need the exra gold; but grinding can be hassle (the drop rate can be terrible).
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Report | 09/20/2015 7:05 pm

Queen Shira

_Oh? LOL._
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Report | 09/20/2015 6:26 pm

Queen Shira

_Yeah, I dunno. And usually I don't have much trouble. Today I was trying to make a new bubblegum avi concept on Avatar Builder...couldn't find a look I liked. Which is strange._ confused
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Report | 09/20/2015 6:22 pm

Queen Shira

xd _Indeed you did. I'm jealous._
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Report | 09/20/2015 3:46 pm

Queen Shira

_ heart heart heart _
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Report | 09/20/2015 2:40 pm

Queen Shira

_Nice avi!_ blaugh
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Report | 09/20/2015 5:00 am


No worries! They should really move the preview button and submit a bit farther from each other. '~^
I know what you mean! D: Sometimes you enter a tag and it doesn't show up! Weirdly, I had a few instances where I tried entering an item name and didn't get any result. You'd have to enter it through Google or whatever search browser you're using to get linked to the Gaia marketplace page for it. It wasn't a typo either, so wonder what caused it. They should really make it easier to find some items. At least you found the items though!

So much items; so little time! And for some, you're not even sure how, when or when you got them? haha~

That sounds like it must've been really tough! And it took hours? It would've probably taken me way longer! ;> Gaia really needs to update their colors though. At least it wasn't one of the colors where there's like only one item with the shade. I wouldn't doubt there are a number like that, and the frustration would be harsh! The colors really seem to work to me at least though! The blue makes the purplish-blue shade pop: and it keeps the eye.

Gaaaaiia, update Lake kindreddd and the eventtt. Hopefully it doesn't become like one of those games/events they seem to completely forget about. TvT
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Report | 09/19/2015 8:53 pm


Normally, that works~ Tags often help when you're looking: though they can take a while to sort through at times. Oh gosh, it always sucks when that happens. They didn't reply? Maybe they didn't see the PM/post because got swamped? Unfortunately, some people really don't respond back though when asked: which can be kind of a downer. Sometimes they have valid reasons though, like a bad experience of someone fully copying their avy or impersonating; though it would be nice too if they sort of mentioned it rather than just ignoring the post completely. I lost track of a lot of my items as well, haha~ Have a habit of hoarding, and I'm not quite sure if I've even used them all. @.@

Yep! Screenshotting it works well too. And at least you have the items at the ready if you ever want to bring it back. That one is super cute! I really love those shades of blue and how it blend so nicely with one another and ah~! heart The expression is also very adorable. ;>

They always do tho, yeah ;P
Nothing new at all. Though it'd be nice to have more new items... or at least less recolors in the same common shades (enough bubblegum/rainbow for a while plz gaia and more uncommon colors)
It's been over a month already? I hadn't even noticed! >_< They're really taking too long with this... At least one post about it/an update would be nice TvT
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Report | 09/19/2015 7:51 pm


>It seems guessing's still the number one way of finding out items for most then. xD I'll never understand and always be amazed with people who know a shitload of items just by memory. Always get frustrated when you think something's familiar or you've seen it before but can't remember exactly what it is. It's always a big help when they have item lists though! You can sort of figure out the combinations when you figure out what equipped item leads to what; and again, sometimes they're friendly and it's nice to ask.

I know right? They never even announced who won or gave any sort of reward for participation or anything. :S Meanwhile, the cash shop announcements have been very active. ;P And no pressure to do it! Don't want to impose anything or bother :>

Mm, that helps a lot too. Though you hit the point where you've saved so much actually decent outfits and need to delete to make more >v>;; And choosing can be pretty tricky. Though writing down or saving the combinations can work. Only hassle is having to remake the parts you want later on.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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Report | 09/19/2015 3:59 am


That's awesome! At least you can tell items easily by seeing them. My ability to recognize stuff comes and goes, and often I have to take a chance and research it or (rarely) get lucky and sort of figure it out. It's also really cool when you see items you never did before/never knew existed used by others, and it's just like 'Whoa how did you even find out about and get that?'

You made a Kitsuko? That sounds so cute! >w< I'd love to see it if you have a screenshot or anything. Speaking of the event though, I wonder what happened to it. They never really updated us after the event :O

I know the feeling ; w; It's so hard to complete and be content with an avatar. And sometimes when you look at your previous or past ones, the OCD freak outs haha~ especially when you notice the smallest off color or something you could've fixed because hadn't noticed before. And item-based designs are always great practice for coming up with ideas and concepts
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Report | 09/18/2015 8:41 am


It is! It's also always really cool when you find people with similar tastes/styles and can exchange things. 'V' Sometimes you find out or hear about techniques/ideas you never would've thought of yourself, and it's amazing how creative people can be.

FFFF that's longer than I'll ever last! At least a week? Was it a week with changing outfits when nobody was looking?
There's just so many items and so many ideaaaass! Like sometimes you want to revolve an avatar around an item or a new release, and then you find out you either have most that can work with it or like half: then time to switch again. xD GOSH YES: then having to choose whether to give in and buy items to match it when you don't have enough, or scrap the idea and do another/compensate with other items OTL What sucks is when after all that searching you have two choices which look really good and have to decide which one to finally use
Lord those moments are terrible

Choosing things to go in the middle/chest though TvT The long, painful trial of a journey to find an item that can help bring the whole thing together and not either a)clash b) look off or c) still leave you feeling like it's incomplete.
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Report | 09/18/2015 3:03 am


Hella late reply woo!
And I know how that is -cough- I keep my list on private as well, though I'm plenty willing to tell how parts are done/what items. It's also a good way to start conversations ;> And if that was your thought process, it doesn't show. Seemed plenty intentional and planned, so bravo!

It can be hard to keep an avatar long, right? I have the habit of changing mine often as well. Longest I've kept it unchanged was a few days so far TvT And that's still with fiddling around with it. Normally, it's the simplest looking avatars that take the longest and can be the most complicated. wink It can take really long to blend items/colors and make it all fit into a cohesive image. It doesn't help at all how some items have such rare/unique colors that don't have a lot similar to it. Sometimes, you just have to find a similar shade: but there are times where you REALLY can't find anything close. Had that problem with bangs once: that was horrible haha, especially when those little OCD moments happen.
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