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Sup people? The definition of a profile is "a short biography." So I guess I'm going to have to biographize. Yes I'm so awesome I can make up my own words. XD Anyways what you don't know is better for me. But if you really want to know more its simple really...just ask. *Please see note at the end for some condition.*

-My A/S/L...19...Female.. bitches.
-I'ma Freshmen in college! blaugh Yes I'm smart can you handle that? wink
-I love the colors (really who doesn't? lol): teal
, green, sky blue, blue, red, purple, black, white.

-I wear mostly...
-Green: my most favorite color.
-Blues: because I look good in it duh!
-Purples: because its my best friends favorite color and so its very meaningful to me.
-Reds, black, and whites: are my high school (the Crimson Bears) colors and I'm all about school pride, support, and spirit.
-I am friendly, when I wanna be. So watch yourself.
-I'm smart, but I'm not a smart-a**. Scratch that I totally am. lol
-I truly am a b***h and a smart a**. 3nodding
-I'm impatient and stubborn.
-I definitely ain't no good girl either. 3nodding So you're out of luck buddy.

-I love to listen to music. Well thats a no brainer everyone does duh!
-My 1 1/2 ears favors these genres:
*Rap (ludacris, EMINEM, snoop dogg...not to many good rappers left sadly)
*Hip Hop (rihanna, B.O.B, usher, BLACK EYED PEAS, akon, FLO RIDA, jay sean, etc.)
*R&B (the ready set, NE-YO, katy perry, IYAZ, plain white t's, BEYONCE, owl city, etc.)
*Pop (bruno mars, BRITNEY SPEARS (yes the one and only), taio cruz, SEAN KINGSTON, justin beiber (yes THE BEIBER, I know *sighs*), mike posner, A*TEENS, etc.)
*Rock (evanescensce, LINKIN PARK, nickelback, GREEN DAY, boys like girls, BLINK-182, simple plan, etc.)
*Punk rock (adam lambert, MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, avril Lavigne, etc.)
*Some oldies (the temptations, ELVIS, beach boys, etc.)
*Country, only when I'm driving. (billy ray cyrus, KEITH URBAN, taylor swift, etc.)
*Disney songs (don't laugh) (jonas brothers, HANNAH MONTANA (girl thats doing drugs), demi levato, SELENA GOMEZ, etc.)
*International music (the beauties -Italian and Spanish-, the love and romances -Vietnamese and Chinese-, and the unknowns -Indian and Irish- yuppers) (Trish Thuy Trang)
-You don't have to understand good music to know that is is incredibly awesome.
-Music that I don't listen to:
*Heavy Metal
*'Early 90s
*'60s or any further back.
*Most country
*Classic Country
*Classic Disco
*Arena Rock
*Soft Rock

-I have long/medium length dark brown hair.
-Hmm...I sometimes show signs of chinky eye-ness...wanna guess my ethnicity? No? Well you'll find out soon.
-I'm 5ft. 3in. tall.
-I am short, cubby, and cute. Can ya dig? wink
-I am 100% ASIAN baby and if you talk to me you'll soon see that. Trust me.
-Math is my forte...uh asian remember.
-I hail from Vietnam and China..ASIAN PRIDE. heart
-Where do you come from?
-Oh and one more thing as an early warning if you ever get to hang with me be ready to be capture because I am a crazed photographer.
-I love photographing anything and everything because there is so much to see and remember.
-Ah the magic of pictures.
-When the camera is out its a hundred (pictures) or nothing. So be prepare. whee

-I hate so much that a million years and all the paper in the world is not enough to contain or express it.
-WTF is up with preppy bitches and jack jerks?
-They may be sexy, they may be hott but in a blink of an eye they break your heart and leave you in the dust.
-Pain and more pain comes from the fakes never love.
-If you can't tell by now they annoy me very much. stressed
-I hate the color
Yellow and Pink.
-I do like football...I don't play it though.
-I absolutely love BASKETBALL!!!! It da bomb... blaugh

-I play:
*Basketball(not very well though)
*The Wii

-A few of my favorites:
*Beef Noodle Soup(food)
*The Wanderer(book)

-I get pissed off easily so don't tempt me.
-Well I get good grades in school.
-Oh and if you want to see a pic of me go to:!/profile.php?ref=profile&id=1610830347or
heart heart ~!Lynn!~
heart heart


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A Wanderer's Journal

My journal will have some stuff about me and my life. Sometime I will have some news or maybe additional writing or pictures or whatever. I love to write but I suck at it, and I'll try my best. Hope my journal won't be that bad. Please enjoy!


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akJuliet Report | 01/22/2011 11:10 pm
It's really easy and its a good workout
akJuliet Report | 01/22/2011 11:06 pm
Lucky, i went cross-country skiing today, it was AWESOME lol
akJuliet Report | 01/22/2011 10:58 pm
I'm doing pretty good, it's warm here now (17 degrees) better than -27 BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRr
chelsea summer Report | 01/18/2011 2:33 am
when's urs?
chelsea summer Report | 01/17/2011 9:59 pm
i hope u like the gifts biggrin
Xxkawaii_ yuukixX Report | 01/06/2011 3:25 am
im gana go to sleep D:
Xxkawaii_ yuukixX Report | 01/06/2011 1:04 am

say something ;D
dont be harsh, plz .-.
Recon_Ghst Report | 01/04/2011 3:00 am
sad Ah man sad , that sucks. sweatdrop But ok
Recon_Ghst Report | 01/04/2011 2:42 am
I "love" yours too remember last time biggrin
Recon_Ghst Report | 01/04/2011 2:26 am
As is my baby


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