Name: Haurhi Fujioka

Birthday: February 4
Gender: Female
Alias: Haru
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Age: 16
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 154.94cm (5'1" wink
Blood Type: O
Strong subjects: Classical Japanese, English
Favourite Foods: Sushi, ramen, strawberries, ootoro, many high-class foods
Disliked Food: Sweet things in general
Type: Natural
Mid-term Exam Ranking: 1st Year, 3rd Place (1st place after taking a makeup exam)
Fear: Thunder
Ranking in Dai Hin Min: 6th (last)
Sentai colour : White

I get a scholarship at the prestigious academy of Ouran High School, and to my luck I end up accidentally breaking an 8 million yen vase belonging to the school's "Host Club", a mysterious campus group consisting of six super-rich guys.

The Host Club sentences me to work as their dog in order to pay off my debt. They soon discover my strikingly good looks and decide to let me work as a host instead. However, initially none of the members of the elite club notice one crucial detail... that I'm a girl!

I diguise myself as boy and try to play along with this ridiculous club. Let's just say it's not easy. -_-

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People I have hosted:

☆Ritsu Bossa Nova Kun

People who have donated:

☆nyachixsuoh heart
☆Renge-Manageress heart
☆Max XIII heart
☆Ballerina Princess Duck heart
☆Laura Chan heart
☆Kawaii Merikirikizamu heart
☆HikaruHitachiin1 heart
☆DarkKat77 heart
☆Ritsu Bossa Nova Kun heart
☆SexyNoJutsu_Hottie heart
☆Saturn-HolderofRevolution heart


Tamaki: Mom! Haruhi's using foul language!
Kaoru: Mom being...?
Kyoya: Position-wise...probably me.

Haruhi: Are those tears fake too?
Tamaki: What are you talking about? My tears are always true and authentic. A true host can always shed a tear without resorting to eyedrops. (He sheds a tear) What do you think? Impressed? Fell for me once again?
Haruhi: Not really.

Hikaru: (Talking about Nekozawa) That person is really dark in many ways.
Kaoru: He said he doesn't like shiny lights. (Takes out a flashlight) What about something like this? (Shines it on Nekozawa)
Nekozawa: (Runs of screaming) Murderers!!!

Haruhi: I feel a bit guilty for not telling anyone in the host club about this. But I'm sure they don't have that much free time to come bother me here. The scenery here is beautiful, and the air so fresh. In a highland like this, I can make good progress with my studies. This year's summer vacation...
Tamaki: (Arrives in a helicopter) Haruhi!!! Are you alright?! Daddy's here!!!
Haruhi: ...Is going to be the worst summer vacation ever.

Kyouya: About yesterday's date battle plan... Did you not consider the posibility feelings of love that could develop from this?
Kaoru: It's still too early for that. Hikaru's an idiot.
Kyouya: Well, our club is full of idiots.

Kyoya: (Holding a box of melon snacks) Tamaki and the twins would be happy to see stuff like this. All right, I'll buy it. Haruhi, your purse.
Haruhi: Ah, so that's how it is... I'm the one paying.

Tamaki: Hey, Yasuchika. Come here and have some cake as well.
Chika: I don't like sweets. The Haninozuka family admonishes selfishness and aims at selflessness. So I'd rather not have some, thanks.
Tamaki: (Baffled) It's just a slice of cake... You don't have to go that deep into it...

(Ritsu & Haruhi are surrounded by a group of Moes)
Kyouya: See. Thanks to him, our customer count might hit a new record today.
Kaoru & Hikaru: So that's what you were aiming for, you money whore!

Eclair: (About Tamaki) Are you his girlfriend?
Haruhi: No.
Eclair: I see. Wonderful. So you are nobody to him.
Haruhi: I may not be his girlfriend, but I am not nobody to him.

Eclair: It seems you were Tamaki's favorite.
Haruhi: So, basically... you're jealous?
Eclair: My, my, well said.


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Ouran High School Host Club Cosplay

I can't wait until the conventions ^-^



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Hikaru-Sempai Hitachiin

Report | 06/02/2009 7:28 pm

Hikaru-Sempai Hitachiin

Hiyah Haruhi! ^^
a s t e r desu

Report | 03/05/2009 3:04 pm

a s t e r desu

Really? I could have sworn it's looked far more cluttered before... I thought it looked possessed this time around, lol. Like...possessed by a demonic toy story or something. XD

Report | 03/05/2009 1:49 pm


Lucky XDXD I have a baby face for sure

Report | 03/05/2009 12:06 pm


The right face? the layout of an anime character's face tends to be the same or similar D:

Report | 03/05/2009 10:50 am


Yes it's a result of being poor and jobless :B

How cooool User Image

Report | 03/05/2009 10:38 am


XD Awesomee! ^_^

Aww I wanna try at least one cosplayy *Sigh* doesn't it cost an arm and a leg? x.x

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Aww got tired of the same character? User Image

Report | 03/05/2009 10:30 am


Yeah that'd be confusing @_@ Your boyfriend can't be Mori? User Image

Report | 03/03/2009 2:03 pm


XDXD Awww ^___^ Beware the glomps ;; Your boyfriend's gonna be glomped too D:

I think I'd end up cosplaying as Hunni too, cause I'm short and like sweets :B

Report | 03/02/2009 6:45 pm


You really do look like her too ^_^ How cool :B I think that's usually hard to achieve cause she doesn't look THAT distinct (as opposed to having a distinguishing scar or whatever) User Image


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