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♪ I think they
just inspire the
movies, but that's all. ♫

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♪ I wonder which one
that could be?
Sometimes I read
a little about the
comic-Loki to find out, if
there are some interesting
facts, I should know about.

That's right.
"Thor" and especially "The Avengers"
made him a bigger star, than
he was before. ♫

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♪ Five?
So...after Thor 3 there
would be one more?
I would be happy about
There should be more big
movies with him, so that
people can see how great he
is acting.

That's right.
Watching this brotherly
fighting was great~
I liked how everyone in
the cinema laughed about
Loki's joking around.
I wonder what he would think
if he knew how many people
like him here xD

I also liked seeing
more of Asgard.
It was very beautiful. ♫

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♪ Yes, I think so too.
I would never have
reacted that way.
Still I can understand
that he tried to become
the new king of Asgard
when Thor was sent to

I wonder if he will
appear in "Thor 3".
There should still be
the problem with "The
Other", since Loki let
his army be destroyed
by the Avengers.

What did you think about
"Thor 2"?
I loved the ending. ♫

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♪ Yes, you are correct.

I think I had a...un-classic
First I discovered in some
movies that I like
Robert Downey Jr.'s acting.
Blah, blah...that must have
been in 2012/2013
So I watched the Iron Man.

Then we watched "The Avengers"
and I kinda met Loki.
But I just thought: "Okay, he
seems to be the bad guy."
Due to the sad fact, I haven't
seen any other MARVEL movies
before, there where a lot of things
I didn't understand beack then.

Like "Loki's adopted", Asgard etc.
Some weeks later there was
"Thor" in Free-TV on television.
Not really think of watching it, my
friends TV was on and
I watched the first 20 minutes.
My best friend and me where like:
"Oh no! We didn't know Loki had
such a hard time, standing in the shadow
of his brother Thor! Let's watch the whole movie
on blu-ray!!"

Well then, we began to like Loki and
sometime later...you know...
What happens...you adore him, you
start liking Tom Hiddleston, you
maybe join tumblr....
The normal crazyness~

I'm sorry for the long
answer, but I like meeting
people that like the same things
I like~♫

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♫~ I just wanted
to stop by and
tell you, that
I really like your
signature! ~ ♪

P.S. Since which
movie did you
like Loki?
Nightstalker Arcanum

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Nightstalker Arcanum

ello i see it is very awesome
Nightstalker Arcanum

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Nightstalker Arcanum

love the sig but it be even better if he had the iron man helmet on with the lid up
The Victorian Lady

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The Victorian Lady

Sorry for the devil face it is an accident D:
The Victorian Lady

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The Victorian Lady

evil Thank you! C: