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Hay hayy stranger.<33
Welcome to my profile.
So, why are you wasting your time here?
Anyway, about me.
l'm a super fantasticly random and hyper freshman.
I fill basicly every blonde sereotype, as I am a lovely blonde. On the inside, where it counts.

l am a complete total D.Gray-man fanatic. A die hard Allen fangirl. They need to make more chapters, no?
I play tennis, like to annoy people, expecially love donators<3, but most of all, i Lovee to converse. Just talk with me now. Feel free to add me. The more yno me, the more you'll love me. c;

Survay~ (these are my answers)

1. Nickname: Pauline, Eva, Kitty, Sunshine, Hey you!, and the list goes on
2. Origin of your name: My Grandma?
3. Family members: mom, dad, bro, cats
4. Interests: drawing, playing on the computer, animating, music, hanging with friends.
5. Strong point: amusing friends
6. Weak point: being too lazy
7. Weakness: lazyness, stubborness
8. Mental Age: about like, 17
9. Something surprising about yourself: My birthday is on national Lumpy Rag Day. LOL :c
10. What kind of animal do you think you are: Kitty<33
11. Habitual saying: Rejected~! (when you try to talk to someone and they ignore you and such)
12. Habitual movement: tripping over flat surfaces.. it takes skill
13. Charm point: That’s not for me to judge
14. The advantage of being a girl/boy: Ahem. Girl. And I guess it would be not having to ask people out..? (although hinting is sometimes more frusterating) ><;
15. What you would do if you are a female/male (female, male, laguz): GO BLACK AND JUMP PEOPLE. YEE
16. Favorite color: blue
17. Favorite flower: ??
18. Favorite movie: Sherlock Holmes
19. Favorite book: none really...
20. Favorite manga: DGM<333
21. Favorite TV show: Whose Line is it Anyway?/ Mythbusters
22. Favorite saying: Land that space ship! (of course only my tennis coach can say that to us when he wants us to sit down. SPACE METAPHORS IN NIKE CAMP<3) c:
23. Favorite season: spring
24. Favorite food: chocolate
25. Food that you hate the most: Mexican food
26. Favorite odor: odor has a negitive connotation, so i don't think i have one
27. Favorite song: Injection- Rise Against
28. Favorite artist: No clue
29. Favorite gem: Emerald (mainly because it's my birth stone)
30. Favorite place: In my room alone with Lacey-boo... NO. NO BAD INTERPRETED MEANING THERE ;c
31. Favorite game: Pokemon :3
32. Countries you want to visit the most: Anywhere tropical…
33. The creepiest thing in the world: My friends<33
34. Your good friends: Darby, Elizabeth, Emily, Carlos, Colin, Pablo, DeAndre, Gabby, Ransom, Veronica, Teresa, Kai, James, Lindsey, Liam (eh..), Clair, Hailey, Conner, Vanessa, Tracy, the list is too long D;
35. Best Skill: Tennis?
36. What you are good at cooking: Yogert?<3 requries no effort
37. Best sport: tennis
38. Secret of losing weight: don’t eat as much
39. The song that you always sing in karaoke singing: “I’m Mr. White Christmas, I’m Mr. Snow...”
40. Subjects you are good at: Psycology<3 now if only I took that class...
41. Subjects you are not good at: Math. NO HABLO.
42. What you do when you are not paying attention during class time: Mainly spacing, talking, or staring at Liam. c:
43. Co-curricular activity: tennis, tutoring at an elementry school
44. When to start revising for examinations: when I feel it is needed
45. Memorizing skill: writing the answer down somewhere before we have to put our notes away... LOL
46. Favorite school activity: English when I have to sit next to Liam. He's so cute and smart, Kyaa<3
47. The school rule that you cannot tolerate: the tardy policy, the schools HUGE.
48. Views on bully cases: bullies deserve punishment
49. 50m run record: Dunno, if I tried something like that, I’d get a cramp
50. What do you first do in the morning: beg for five more minutes
51. What do you last do before going to bed: fall asleep on the couch watching that 70's show... o__o
52. Average time period of sleeping: 10 hrs.
53. Average time period of bathing: Why do you want to know..?
54. Ways of maintaining health: Don’t glomp sick kids with swine flu
55. Pocket money amount: like, 20, but if going places 5
56. Pets: Three Kitties. Lacey, Peaches, and her daughter Cleo
57. What you usually dream of: Well, once i had a dream that some guy stole my pringles
58. Things that you usually bring with you: cell phone
59. The most important criteria of the partner you like: they have to make me laugh, be a gentleman, and be TOTALLY into me (or just be Liam. Old Liam. OR KYLE-BOO. LOL ;c)
60. The type of person from the opposite gender that you cannot tolerate: pride issues, ugliness, ignoring me :c
61. What do you do when you are in love: Ob-sess.
62. Age of first love: uhh technicly 14. 10/7/10 ftw. The day liam asked me to homecomming. after months of crushing (crowd goes awww)
64. Preferable age of getting married: around 30?
65. Mobile phone strap: I don’t have one
66. Mobile phone ringtone: Pokémon theme song... LOL
67. Mobile Phone Wallpaper: My brother with a pizza box over his head pretending to be a supervillian
68. Number of SMS partners: if only I knew what that means…
69. Number of SMS sent everyday: still no clue…
70. Clothing you often wear: jeans, a cute shirt, whatever i have.
71. Special clothing: tennis skirts and shirts
72. Accessories you often wear: necklace and earings
73. Things you wear everyday: pajamas if that counts
74. Favourite band: Rise against ^^
75. Make ups: foundation and mascara
76. Motivation to become an artist: Boredom?
77. Artist you first liked: no clue
78. Artist you want to meet the most: Really now… I am not really that much into artists…
79. Artist that you have met that gave you the best impression: -points at last response-
80. The job that makes you feel the most nervous about: Bank accountant. No hablo math.
81. Best impression in your job: No tengo un job
82. Dreams you want to achieve before reaching the age of 20: Get Liam back? LOL… Well, that’s other than going to college and finishing high school
83. What you would do when you grow up: psycologist. c:
84. What you want the most now: A Liam/Kyle hug... :c
85. What made you cry recently: I don't cry.
86. What made you laugh recently: My brother mixing up exorcists and psycologists. "So the dude will be comforting Santa when he has bad dreams." "Uh, no. What youre thinking of is a psycologist. Exorcists would be more like 'GET THAO DEMON OUT FROM THIS MAN -shanks santa-'"
87. What you are enthusiastic about recently: Second bf... well even if it only lasted for a week because i was in a different state for camp i still count it. Kyle-boo :3
88. What you are very much concerned about recently: TENNIS CHANGES IN DIFFERENT ALTITUDES. And my ancle hurts o__o
89. Collection: sticky notes? I have them all over my desk.
90. The most precious thing: My kitty Lacey
91. Current goal: Be all my upper classman friends' favorite freshman >:3
92. What you would do if you win a 300,000,000 Yen Lottery: Go to Quizmos (Subway ftl.) Yen is worth dirt…
93. What you would do if the world is to end tomorrow: Liam> first kiss.
94. What you would bring along if you are to go to an isolated island: My kitties, family, friends, and computer, and a five-star hotel. HELL YEAH BBY<33 (well, if it has food and water and stuff already)
95. What you would do if you have a time machine: Hope it is the Hot Tub Time Machine and go back to 1986 and wow an audience by singing the Black Eyed Peas.
96. What would your wish be if God grant you one wish: The classic. Wish for more wishes c:


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Wishlists, SS's, and yeah O:

I bite :3


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iKoishii Report | 09/11/2011 4:34 pm
Miss me?
Oh no, stop. I already know you did. LOLjk.
Emanation Report | 05/09/2011 1:43 pm
Oooh! Yay, what a pleasant surprise!
Thank you so much! x) (^~^)' heart
Emanation Report | 01/31/2011 2:18 pm
besides Titanic I'm guessing? (;
Ahhh, I'd go back in time for him in that movie -->
so effing hot !! <33
Emanation Report | 01/30/2011 9:41 am
oh random x)
whos mal?
and happy birthday for your friend - I reallyyy wanna see inception :3
Emanation Report | 01/29/2011 11:54 am
haha yeah i agree x)
whens your birthday btw?
Emanation Report | 01/28/2011 3:16 pm
Mine was fine smile
Although my class at school is really cliquey
Its like divided in two halves -- popular ppl and freaks
So it was basically insult wars as always :/
its bad enough for me cause I hate cliques so I just make friends
but then I don't know which side to pick ya know D:
but other than that twas fine, I managed not to do swimming
which was awesome cause everyone hates swimming x)
Emanation Report | 01/28/2011 12:05 pm
and now ladies and gentlemen, our first prize, a trip to the beautiful greek islands (:2

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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

holiday advert mood over, how was your day? x)
Emanation Report | 01/27/2011 9:17 am
greek islands <33
Emanation Report | 01/26/2011 1:53 am
it's just a tropical island cinema
it's fun but it gets a bit cold at night

but it's awesome if you live in one of the houses around it and you love movies
cause the sounds pretty look and you can just watch the movie from your window razz
that's how my dad watched movies when he was younger x)
Emanation Report | 01/24/2011 2:36 pm
yes! well, im guessing you mean the old sherlock holmes as in the one with jude law?
if so then yes I did and it was amazing x)
kinda scary though cause I was on this tropical island in summer
in an outdoor cinema with no roof and there was this HUMONGOUS ancient palm tree which was as tall as the empire state building ( o_O )
and it was like swaying in the wind it was sooo scary i thought it was gonna fall and i would dieee!!! D:
haha sorry got a bit carried away
but you can totally tell how much of the movie I saw that day XP
haha, no it was really good and i love robert downey jr hes soo fit heart
can't wait for the second one x)


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Allen Fangirl Forever.<3


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