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About Me Q&A

1. Who are you? A random horticulture student at a random college.
2. Are you really a guy? Maybe I am,maybe I am not, but you'll never find out. Be content, I'll always be a gentleman here.
3. What is Horticulture? The industry and science of plant cultivation including the process of preparing soil for the planting of seeds, tubers, or cuttings. We're your greenhouse workers, growing your tomoatoes, your landscapers, making your Wal-Mart parking lot (and yard) pretty, your nurserymen, growing those pretty shade and fruit trees you buy at Lowes, your irrigarion guys, helping you keep your plants watered even when there are watering restrictions (loopholes yay!), your florists, supplying your weddings, anniversaries, Valentine's and funerals, and generally that large group of friendly people with green thumbs.
4. So.... you're a plant person.... Yes I am. They are green, and growing, and quite nice. They also have a great number of uses, from food to poison to medicine, to just being nice-looking and improving your atmosphere and mood.
5. This means your vegetarian? No, I actually feel just as bad about eating plants as I do animals. Plants spend their entire lives trying to get the food they need and reproduce, just like animals do. You might even say it's harder for them, since for the most part they're immobile.
5. Ok.... And why are you here even? really, what is the point of you joining Gaia? To spread a little fun, give a little help to those with failing plants, and some interesting facts about general horticulture topics. May seem boring to some when you think on it, but I'm here to make it seem neat, and I'm certain some people are at a loss for what to do when their plants starts to droop, and might want a little advice to help their vegetable garden grow better. I've got a bit of knowledge to help you out, so here I am. I also heard you have a decent roleplaying community, which I am out of practice of, but do enjoy. I am not here as an ad, I'm here to rp, and to help the community a bit if anyone needs it.
6. So I can ask you, like, anything? Well, not anything, I'm not giving out personal real life information here, but I do enjoy chatting. You can also feel free to ask me any plant or horticulture industry related question you have, whether you're serious or just curious. I don't claim to know everything, but I do know a number of people that can help me answer the questions I don't know myself.


Horti says: Uhhh uhhhh Hi
I was away please forgive me....
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discoqueen Report | 10/10/2014 5:10 am
2sarahgate Report | 05/20/2014 5:30 pm
well, she didn't miss much. O_o gaia died soon after you sent the comment. domokun stargate
discoqueen Report | 05/14/2014 4:36 pm
Oh cool~
discoqueen Report | 05/14/2014 4:02 pm
Decent. How have you been? What's new?
discoqueen Report | 05/14/2014 3:50 pm
Horti~ /glomps
discoqueen Report | 07/10/2013 6:47 pm
Alrighty then!
discoqueen Report | 07/10/2013 6:42 pm
I have no idea.

I can do the 1x1 that's in Barton Town perfectly fine. Got several of those xD
But then I go over to the b/c aspect and stare at replies I'm supposed to do and my mind goes blank
discoqueen Report | 07/10/2013 6:34 pm
All the roleplaaaaay xDD

Actually finding it hard to roleplay in a b/c setting nowadays ><
discoqueen Report | 07/10/2013 6:31 pm

Well, if neither of them interest you, you don't have to join ^^
There are pms and comments after all xD
discoqueen Report | 07/10/2013 6:28 pm
That busy huh?

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