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Registered: 05/11/2008

Gender: Female

Birthday: 08/27

Occupation: Hobo

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Nintendo FC: 3067-6225-4022
PM me your FC if you're adding me!

I do NOT donate gaia_gaiagold So don't even try to add me just for asking gold/donations. That's... not cool bro cat_sweatdrop
I do NOT chat via PM.
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KH Dark Vanitas Report | 04/14/2017 7:53 pm
KH Dark Vanitas
How's it going Harouka?
KH Dark Vanitas Report | 01/05/2017 12:28 pm
KH Dark Vanitas
Cool how do I contact you on the 3ds I am still pretty new to it so I don't know how most of it works.
KH Dark Vanitas Report | 01/04/2017 7:10 pm
KH Dark Vanitas
Horouka you play Sun and Moon? When you are on again can you help me evolve my haunter? I really would appreciate it and my Kadabra as well not many people you can trust on trades now days.
KH Dark Vanitas Report | 05/24/2016 10:28 pm
KH Dark Vanitas
Doing alright just working on my Hyrule Legend Link avi
kyohei hyuuga Report | 05/24/2016 5:31 pm
kyohei hyuuga
Since you were little-- like 4 or 3? o 3o
KH Dark Vanitas Report | 05/24/2016 5:17 pm
KH Dark Vanitas
Hello Harouka how are you?
kyohei hyuuga Report | 05/22/2016 7:03 pm
kyohei hyuuga
You're welcome~ o uo

How long have you been drawing? Like since how old were you--
kyohei hyuuga Report | 05/22/2016 5:01 pm
kyohei hyuuga

Oh my goat-- My typos. emotion_facepalm
kyohei hyuuga Report | 05/22/2016 5:00 pm
kyohei hyuuga
DUUUDE. You drew that Starfire so niceky--

Sorry, went to the link your sig said was an art shop to check the art. lol
kyohei hyuuga Report | 12/26/2015 7:10 pm
kyohei hyuuga
Haha! It was.. fine. Thanks! :>

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