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About Kimahri
(Warning: contains spoilers)

Kimahri Ronso is a twenty-five-year-old Ronso and Yuna's first and most faithful guardian. He has known and protected her since she was a seven-year-old child. Even though he is seven feet tall he was not well accepted by the other Ronso, who view him as inferior due to his shorter stature and broken horn. Kimahri doesn't speak much, and is extremely protective of Yuna.

Final Fantasy X's backstory reveals that Kimahri's guardianship of Yuna began long before she officially decided to become a summoner. After departing from Mt. Gagazet in shame ten years before the current events depicted in Final Fantasy X began, Kimahri discovered a dying Auron—who had managed to crawl all the way from the Zanarkand Ruins while wounded—outside Bevelle. Auron told Kimahri about the daughter of High Summoner Braska, Yuna, and asked him to fulfill a promise Auron had made to Braska in his stead: to remove Yuna from Bevelle and transport her to the island of Besaid, where she may grow up peacefully. Kimahri honored Auron's request and made sure that Yuna arrived at Besaid safely. When his task was completed, he prepared to depart, yet Yuna pleaded with him to remain with her, and he complied.

Kimahri's main character growth occurs when he finally returns to Mount Gagazet and is confronted by Biran and Yenke, who challenge him—and thus the player—to a 2-on-1 combat sequence as an obstacle to the player's progression through the Mt. Gagazet location. If the game player successfully wins the battle, the story depicts that Kimahri has proven his worth as a Ronso in defeating the two, and Biran is proud to see that Kimahri surpassed him which represents a major resolution to his character arc. Unfortunately, Seymour informs the party shortly thereafter that he has personally slaughtered nearly the entire Ronso tribe, with Kimahri swearing to avenge his fallen clansmen's demise while fighting the villain.

(Taken from Wikipedia.)

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Item choices

I realize that the feet are the wrong color, but I think that their shape is better than the blue wulf feet, and Kimahri always appeared to be standing on his toes, rather than his whole foot, so I thought that these would be the better choice.

The horn is completely wrong in that it is not broken, but I didn't really have many other choices. I considered the Starman forehead gem, but after asking around and thinking on it myself, I decided that the large single horn would be best.

The skirt is the wrong color, but the shape is PERFECT, and none of the green skirts on gaia even come close to having the right shape.

The G-pin obviously isn't fixated right to serve that well as his pendant, but the neck ruffle I have for his chest fur equips on the same layer as neclaces, so it was the best that I could do. I did have the option of the biancamella brooch, but it is very small and more pink than gold.

The neck ruffle isn't THAT good for his chest fur, but my other choices, the reindeer chest fur, and the elegant snowy cravat, either covered up too much, or knocked off other items.

I would have liked to have the silver brooch-like thing on his blue waist armor, but the only real choice for that, the blue picolitrosso's urn belt buckle, was too far down, and covered up a lot of the red belt.

I was going to use the mythrill armor for the rings on his shoulders, but I decided later that they covered up way too much, and they just didn't look right.

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High Summoner Yuna X-2 Report | 12/21/2009 7:51 pm
High Summoner Yuna X-2
Hi Kimairi smile
Takuto_Ginga_Bishounen Report | 09/08/2009 12:26 am
Takuto_Ginga_Bishounen votes for me in arena heart
Sorceress Lulu Report | 08/02/2009 4:49 am
Sorceress Lulu
Hmmm....Is there a problem here? Anyways how are you?
NiobeDRose Report | 06/17/2009 10:11 am
Actually, I didn't just "come to your page" me, I have better things to do in life. It came up while I was rating others. So get over yourself. Plus I already said that I'm well aware of how to change an avatar. And I'm not too lazy to contact a MOD. I'm still waiting to hear back about missing gold from SEPTEMBER--obviously, they're busy. I really don't feel like dealing with a raving jackass, so consider this the last contact between us. If you attempt to contact me again, I will report you. So don't.
NiobeDRose Report | 06/16/2009 2:32 pm
First of all, don't call me immature with you acting the way you did. At least I didn't make myself look like an absolute a*****e. Second, I am well aware how to delete an avatar. When I click the thing to change to male and save, it still appears as female and is marked as such. I haven't cared enough to waste a MOD's time with it because it's not that big of a deal. Don't bother replying on my arena entry because any posts will be deleted and I'm adding you to my ignored list until you can grow up. Good luck with your entry.
NiobeDRose Report | 06/15/2009 6:33 am
First, thanks for commenting and rating...even if you rated low. Second, it wouldn't matter male or female, because the top looks the same on either gender---I tekteked it. The green skindye is too green, and he also has pointy ears...hence why I settled for this. Again, thanks for commenting and rating.
I Rikku l Report | 06/06/2009 7:27 pm
I Rikku l

poor Kimahri~

don't worry, I shall advertise like people on the streets!!

I Rikku l Report | 06/06/2009 7:18 pm
I Rikku l


I just know your gonna win!

I voted for you!~


I'm going to get everyone else to vote for you 2!!

Duff Bear Report | 06/01/2009 2:45 pm
Duff Bear
Obviously that whip came out after I made the avatar. JERK
Ratt Scabies Report | 05/31/2009 10:20 am
Ratt Scabies
You're welcome, good sir. 3nodding
Remind me, and you'll definitely get a five.