I'm Ben. I started Gaia back in 2007 and played till 2009 maybe 2010. But I took a leave to grow up from a childish 14-year-old.
I like all sorts of things, anime, parkour, music, Netflix, all the boring nerd stuff really.
I'm the lead singer of a screamo band, we're not any but popular yet so I won't tell you what my band's name is. My inspiration to start a band was the band Bring Me the Horizon
I am really mature but when you get to know me I come out of my shell and then proceed to become immature.
Past Usernames: xSoul_Bendx
And now My current Name Horizon Ave. It will probably never change. I'm trying to get back into Gaia, but holy hell, I remember when the most expensive thing here was like 1,000,000,000 but now that's a low price?