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SnaredWolf Report | 03/25/2007 10:32 am
Ashta Nightrayne Report | 03/23/2007 8:24 am
I changed my profile since you last saw it hehe
Ashta Nightrayne Report | 03/22/2007 6:09 pm
I <3 YOU!!!
Xxdropdead_WierdxX Report | 07/13/2006 2:51 pm
woah i messed up that comment. what I said was I hate how everything you do is better then mine lol. haha. Ttyl<3

Xxdropdead_WierdxX Report | 07/13/2006 2:50 pm
im at how u make everything better then mine >>....NOTE YOU PROFILE ROX! yet mine..sux lol. ttyl.
Hopeless.Sora Report | 07/08/2006 11:30 pm
Mmhmm. I changed it. ^__^ But I'm still known as the 'Ever Popular' (Thats bullshit. XD) Ame-chan! XD
hito_ritabi Report | 07/07/2006 8:13 am
gonk Ame changed her SN~ I thought I was talking to someone odd until I saw your avatar!
blue_firefly Report | 07/05/2006 12:20 pm
yea cuz i never expected aimee to add you but its ok ^^;
blue_firefly Report | 07/03/2006 7:07 pm
o_O aimee?
Orichima Report | 06/30/2006 12:23 am
i be just...fine^*purrs and nuzzles*


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Hello there! I'm Sora! No, silly, that's not my real name. My real name is something that I can't tell you! It's forbidden from the world. ^.~ I'm a total anime nutface and I'm uberly obessed with that and Kingdom Hearts. >>! I'm a fan of vampires. Not the ugly looking ones that are all funky looking, but the very sexy ones that appear as humans!!! <3333 Uhm... I'm a mixture of goth and emo. Yes, they exist. I currently live in the shadowy corners of my own mind. So you can't intrude. =3 You could always send email though. 8D; I have internet in my mind.
Sooo yeah.
I draw. *nods* I draw and all my art is on my deviantART account. My username is NightWalkerAmerin! Find me!!! Plus, I have my own comic titled 'Ethereal Gates' which has yet to be posted online or anything... *sigh* I never knew making comics were so hard.. D8;

I always read, and I absolutely love it. I read romance and horror novels, but I mainly like all those dark... eerie romance ones... y'know? >3! I'm a person that stays inside and wont go outside unless its needed...
I believe thats becasue I'm more fond of the darkness rather than the light, and I accept the darkness as my own for it is my friend. <3!

My mind just now went blank. *emosigh*

I'm all for this!

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Yahoo: NightWalkerAmerin
AIM: HopelessSora

Any others will be added when remembered. >>


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