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I think they were updating the site or something and that's why you couldn't get into your messages. I couldn't log in for hours and it said something about a 'new feature'...
That sounds like such an interesting thing to study!! I bet there are lots of jobs for it too because I doubt that many people would go for something like that biggrin Would you be like... designing characters for video games, or doing cover art for the box or something like that? It's like a really specialised version of graphic design right? Uwahhhh how cool would it be to have your own characters in a game!? emotion_kirakira
I would love to translate novels or video games actually ^u^ So when I get my basic degree I might go and do a masters in something to do with gaming so I can be more employable in that field~ biggrin
And oh my god what even happened to this website? They've kind of screwed themselves because new members won't be able to afford anything good and the old members who have gotten enough gold to buy stuff /will/ get bored eventually, so... They're going to have to do something about all the inflation somehow neutral

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I come here just to check my account but I never actually use this site anymore, I got really bored of it! And it's way too expensive now. I can't even afford to buy anything anymore OTL
I'll message you my Skype now~! But it's a bit screwed up because apparently it shows me as being online all the time (I'm not I swear) xD
And yes! I'm studying languages for my degree (German being one of them) and it's the best thing ever!
What do you plan on studying next year? At least you have a whole year to sort everything out so don't worry ^^ Once you get studying, your life will become so much more exciting~! It's hella rad B) xD

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Ah! Hello!
It's been ages since we've talked, it's lovely to hear from you again c:
I've been great, studying a lot... Hoffentlich hat mein Deutsch verbessern xD
I'm so tired though... I didn't believe people when they said college was going to be a lot of work. Oops...
How've you been though~? How's everything going for you? biggrin
Grizzled Teddybear

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Grizzled Teddybear

Your Hatchery

Report | 12/28/2013 12:57 pm

Your Hatchery

Haha, I'm sure I'll feel better after while.
I've been eating Ibuprophens.
I have my baby face back now. ._.
I feel weird without my whiskers. D: THE WORLD IS DOOMED HONI! -Fails about.-
Your Hatchery

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Your Hatchery

I'll trade you?! D: You can be sick, and I can be very very lazy.
Your Hatchery

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Your Hatchery

How're you Honi? <3
Your Hatchery

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Your Hatchery

Lady Trainer Maia

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Lady Trainer Maia

cool avi
Your Hatchery

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Your Hatchery

Only stress I really have is, being without a computer I can game on, and trying to find a job. ._.
Things got cleared with with the parts of the family that was driving me wild, and I'm slowly pushing more and more of the depression away from that toxic person.
But, I'm living. I can't complain. <3


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