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Okay, for once, I'm going to make this short-n-sweet. (I wrote a long paragraph but that "SOB" emo got deleted.)

Illiterate Canto, learning Mandarin & Spanish, and fluent in 'Murika English, classy me.

Artistically inclined, loves nature, food, and animals; sometimes hair smells nice.

Once Upon a Time, I was known as Heung Mao, and also some other, older name that's lost in the abyss of my memories; I was nicknamed Panda though (which is also "heung mao" in Cantonese) and I remember "panda" was included in that old name.

But now,
I'm Benecrescence.

~ Please call me Cres. ~

Bene- // prefix for good, well;
crescence // a shape of the moon, also resembles the shape of a smile on its side;
-escence // suffix for a period of time.
Basically, Benecrescence: a time when we smiled for something good. (I made this word up, just FYI)

I've been on a hiatus for quite some time; not sure if I'm entirely back because -work- but I'll try. biggrin

Moving on.

I like anything the Walking Dead and anything survivalist or apocalyptic (if you couldn't tell from my avatar and profile), including Naughty Dog's the Last of Us.

I also like good otome games / visual novels; Frozen Essence (and any of Unbroken Hours' games), Hakuouki, and Rune Factory 4. Loved kinetic novels are Juniper's Knot and That Cheap and Sacred Thing (make me sob, why don't you?)

I don't really game myself, but I watch lots of Pewdiepie, and can probably talk about most of the games he's played.

Movies: the Avengers series! (Love heroes and hot men heart ninja ).
I'm also a great, huge fan of Studio Ghibli films.

Read / watch anime and manga but not enough to be considered a true blue fan. Now I only really update myself on 7 Seeds; if you read any of Yumi Tamura's-- eek
~ Come, friend. ~

Overall, I like anything that challenges perceptions (mine or the conventional), explores morality, humanity, relationships, thrillers (not horrors), comedies, and looove~.

Please feel free to comment me or mail a ~private~ message. Please no friend requests without good conversation first. 4laugh It's nothing personal; I just have only so many friend slots and I'd like to keep in touch with those I know. 3nodding

P.S. This is my darling little sister.

~ Mario M - The Last Saint is playing. ~


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Glazed Body Report | 02/28/2014 9:03 pm
Glazed Body
Haha you haven't step on any ants that you know of! Hahahaha
Glazed Body Report | 02/23/2014 5:25 pm
Glazed Body
Haha yeah it's pretty cute to think about animals like that...it really makes you think though... O.O like what if bugs have feelings and when you walk around and you step on a bunch of little bugs all the time!! Killing tiny innocent lives! ... gonk hahaha
Glazed Body Report | 02/23/2014 4:21 pm
Glazed Body
: D oh my god both those breeds of dogs are so cuteieeee : 3 hehe mine... Is like a freak... Hahaha I think something is wrong with her because she is a rescue. And a mix so.. Yeah. Like one picture I have that is on my profile of he,r she is sitting really weird on my couch hahaha
Glazed Body Report | 02/22/2014 6:24 pm
Glazed Body
: D eeee thankkk youuu OwO she is like my whole life... That's why my profile is kinda boring because all that there is to know is me and my doggie :3
Glazed Body Report | 02/22/2014 6:24 pm
Glazed Body
: D eeee thankkk youuu OwO she is like my whole life... That's why my profile is kinda boring because all that there is to know is me and my doggie :3
Glazed Body Report | 02/22/2014 5:52 pm
Glazed Body
Hello >w<
Desires Helmet Report | 02/19/2014 7:37 am
Desires Helmet
HEY! Can I call you Ben? Did you watch this week's episode? surprised How are you today (whichever day you read this)?
Desires Helmet Report | 02/12/2014 5:30 pm
Desires Helmet
my worst typo story, which was a typo not an autocorrect, was years ago. Back when AIM was a thing. I was talking with a dude from my school and had intended to say I was going to kick his a**, we were just joking around ya know? But then I said I was going to lick his a** instead. Thanks typos

emotion_brofist Daryl is the best indeed. Sometimes I think Tyreeses's sister could be pretty cool. if she hadn't been near death most of the first part of the season. But Daryl won me over for sure in season two when he was looking for Sophia and fell on one of his arrows or bolts, whatever you want to call them. Then pulled it out of himself and killed a zombie with it. He's the best character they have. The rest are all too busy being boring most of the time, or oddly shady. Daryl is just like, "Screw it. This is the world we live in. I might not be the best person, but I understand that in this world we need to work together. And you're just gonna deal with it."

Hopefully freed from the chains of babysitting, Beth will be more interesting. She had a weird attitude about other people dying, until her dad was the one who died so we'll see how that affects things.
Desires Helmet Report | 02/10/2014 9:08 pm
Desires Helmet
i am a fan. Silly old zombies got me hooked when i was a wee laddy. Ugh...laddy seemed impossible to type with autocorrect kept on trying to call me a wee lady. How are you?

Also, next week is going to have some better characters. Michonne is awesome, but Carl and rick don't even make top five anymore so next week should be pretty good.
Desires Helmet Report | 02/07/2014 6:53 pm
Desires Helmet
what's up? Are you ready for the walking dead to return?


There's a tab specifically dedicated to Gaia Cash now? Sigh.


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