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yo, i'm Hon!
I love my girl Misty....
i got a gaia just for her....i just started so i don't hav much....but then again...a bunch of them hav just started 'cuz of Kain's insperation..aha!
Kain's rly playin' with her when i come over.
Kir's pretty cool...kinda weird at times tho..but that's alright!
Misty's my babie! Some ppl always ask me and my bud Keiv. y we always spell 'baby' wrong....we just tell then 'we like to put some of our CLASS in it' then the ppl just make a face and walk away....occasionally we yell out 'Yeah! u better walk away...that's just 'cuz u don't have any!' somethin' like that...hah!
Keiv's my bestest bud in the whole world...(wish i was his..-_-) we hang out all the time...we neither of us are hangin' with Kain...we do almost everything any GUY can do!
Keenoki's a sweet lil' girl...i'm pretty sure she's the youngest of our lil' 'gang' we have...hah! But she's rly sweet/loving person...pretty much any1 could fall in love with her....and Keiv's the LUCKIE 1 that gets to be with that everyday! >w<
Well...that's pretty much everythin'...cya 'round!

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Birthday: 03/17


Kain Aronoele
Kir Star
Keiven Konochi

Love u babie!

Sup man!

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