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Since I cannot change my username,I refuse to continue using this account.So I have made a new one,its under my old username so its easy to find.I will still use this one for a short time still since there are still buisness i have with it.So to all my friends who still have me on there friend list:delete this account and to those who still wants to be my friend,add my new account.
..Oh and for ppls whos profiles I commented and havent responded back yet,comment my new profile instead

Crimson Dreaken


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_midnight-skittes_ Report | 06/30/2009 12:22 pm
hiya it -midnight-skittles-
i was hacked my password was change so this is a new account
please add me
Shadow_2393 Report | 06/01/2009 8:26 pm
Hey! i'm trying to but it's been so long. school got me on the run and no were to go, you know?
write back and we'll chat, k?
wink Bye!!!!!
-midnight-skittles- Report | 02/08/2009 7:57 am
wow we have not talk for long time

so did ever find out who hacked you?
Steph the blue girl Report | 10/22/2008 12:07 pm
Steph the blue girl
i love ur gaia name and nice pro
lost account242 Report | 06/22/2008 5:04 pm
lost account242
love ur name
hawthorneHfan12 Report | 05/23/2008 5:54 am
hey wats up??havent talked 4 quite sumtime!
Momentumgirl1994 Report | 05/16/2008 7:27 pm
i like ur background and i like ur cloths and ur hair and i wouls want to be ur friend someday
Ysarri Report | 05/04/2008 3:49 am
Chicken Angel of Death Wrote:

WishUponAStar99 Wrote:

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Music_gurl22 Report | 04/14/2008 4:38 pm
chibi_whore Report | 03/23/2008 1:57 pm