I am....

Muffinz. My bitches call me Shab. Born on May 5th. Badass. A Lefty. Forgetful. Especially with the alphabet. A raging b***h.

I like....

Lemon Heads. Sexual In-your-endo. Video Games. Drawing. Orange. B.O.B (<3). Taking arm-length pictures of me from my cellphone. Charizard. Fun People. Anime. Manga. Sonic the Hedgehog. Being Lazy. Reality Shows. Cowboy Bebop. South Park. Kyle Broflovski (<3). CAPS LOCK. Coloring outside the lines. Stand-up comedy. Turtles. Nintendo DS. "Tallagega Nights." Batman. Tennis. Kanye West. Sleeping. When people know the difference between "its" and "it's." When a person's "Animal Crossing" town has no weeds. Bleach. Mappy. The "Script MT Bold" font on Microsoft Word. My bitches. Converse High Tops. Fiction writing. Grapefruit. Making Sandwiches. Anything Super Mario related. The "Ghostbusters" theme song. Transformice. Making a wish at 11:11. Galaga. Laughing. The feeling you have after a good cry. Teen Titans. Naruto. Pretending to be a ninja. Going into my own little world. Singing "Don't Stop Believin'." Great Danes. Photobucket. Pixar Movies. Being happy. Facebook.

I hate....

Gaia. Cats. [Unless it's a cartoon cat]. Pink. Boring people. "Malcolm in the Middle." Disney Channel. When my skills are underestimated. Him.Math. Broken links. Cabbage. Banana Republic. People. You.



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Homicidal Muffinz

My Bud Lisa from school

My bud Michelle from school