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Hello and welcome to my profile! =D

Favorite Color: Blue and red
Favorite Show: too many to name. =3
Favorite Food: Pizza. 8D
Favorite Drink: lemonade
Favorite Soda: Dr. Pepper/Mr. Pibb/PibbXtra
Hobbies: drawing, singing, writing, watching anime, reading manga, reading books, watching movies, tv and many more.


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Princess Senri Report | 09/01/2010 5:54 pm
Princess Senri
copy this to 10 profiles so you can get 10,000.000g it works im rich!!
copy this to 10 profiles so you can get 10,000,000g it works im rich!!
Angel De Sebastian Report | 08/02/2010 8:31 am
Angel De Sebastian
lol~ u said thank you twice 2 rofl xp
Suni Is Here Report | 08/01/2010 11:22 pm
Suni Is Here
Your encounter with Cleverbot seemed to be much more successful than mine.
Angel De Sebastian Report | 08/01/2010 6:32 pm
Angel De Sebastian
Naice Avi LOL
Btw ur background pic shows "This photo has been deleted"
ElfyWelfyKinz Report | 07/22/2010 12:31 am
Thank you for buying from my store! ^.^
Lady Moon916 Report | 03/16/2010 8:32 pm
Lady Moon916
thanks for the update. sorry i havn't been on gaia in a long while.
Keravnostomo Report | 12/30/2009 8:11 pm
found this "Locate the blue-ish door across from the giant staircase, and use the RUSTY
KEY on the door to unlock it and proceed to enter it. In the bi-plane room,
there are some hanging puppets on the ceiling, and another large door near
where you enter. Try to open the door, and it tells you that there will be
no admittance as long as it's 17 masters are here. Hop onto the bi-plane,
and take the BLUE ORB FRAGMENT. Approach the emblem towards the back of the
room, and attack it with your sword as much as you can, until the writing on
the emblem completely fills up, in which case, you will be lowered into another
room filled with enemies. Destroy them all, then return back up the small
lift and into the bi-plane room, where more baddies await. Kill them all, and
the door nearby door will become unlocked. Enter it to clear the first mission."

And you're joining >:U
Keravnostomo Report | 12/30/2009 4:39 pm
look up devil may cry 4 walkthrough sad Its been too long since I played. And you're joining track >:U
Keravnostomo Report | 12/30/2009 1:34 pm
I got mass effect too. it was only 14$ soooo. I just used default john
Shepard :B
Keravnostomo Report | 12/27/2009 7:58 pm
Yes :B


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