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Things I wish were my pimp clothes >.<

All the people who don't love me...and in case someone does show up on here...someone who does love me ^.^

Stupid Twilight movies...

The Perfect Ending...
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HolySuperHappyFunTime....Say that 5 times fast... :~P

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Last Login: 09/12/2012 8:55 am

Gender: Female

Location: Oakhurst, Cali

Why do you care?

HAHA! im actually and evil vampire fairy princess biggrin sweet huh? i thought so too...
my name is princess shamalangadingdong. yes. i do have people call me by that name. I like playing football, volleyball and rock climbing
wanna know something that starts with f and ends in uck? FIRE TRUCK! i know, i bet you didn't think about it like that before. and did you know there's an arrow on fed ex trucks?! omg! how weird is that!? IKR! 3nodding
I like the words Huzzah! and Super.
My favorite color is purple.
My hair is red and so are my eyes, i glow in the dark because im so white, at least i never need a flashlight. Hah! see my rhyming skillz?!
Please talk to me, i rarely ever bite.
This used to be my sisters account, thats why it says my birthday is November six 1993. Pay not attention to that! My real birthday is April eleven 1992.
I like playing games, like Halo and WoW. maybe a little Aion at times Tekken is cool, Super Mario Bros is a must, Donkey Kong and Zelda as well 4laugh but my favorite is definitely WoW. I like gnomes because everyone says I sound like one. Warlocks own your faces.

The End

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