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So ppl who seem to care welcome to my page hope yu dnt like it cause if yu do i did something terrible wrong. Jk XD. so lets start with the basics am abby and im completly diffrent from all the girls out there nt in a bad way or in a good way just in my way. Im a crazy, random, funny, one of a kind girl that comes and goes like the wind. Im also a rocker may just seem like im following the crowd but ive loved rock so much and so long the crowds following me. Also i LOVE poetry and if yu write let me read it some time, or if yu want il let yu read some of my work. The thing that people wonder most about is the what you look like and this is what i look like am 5"3 (sadly ive been that height for 3yrs) i have long curly light brown hair, tannish color no nt dark, and kind of have a body like shakira and thats really not a lie....ppl say thats good but i say its a curse. ohh and the eyes hmmm lolz there just brown buh still every eye is beautiful in there own way. biggrin thnx for waisting your time and reading this smile

wazz up peoples

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