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Hey there, I'm Dan, but you can call me Waffles if u want, is up to you c;
what should I say? I'm just a random boy from somewhere

I'm someone who likes music so much, I play bass and acoustic guitar, i have been playing for like 2 years, but i'm good I guess lol

The music I like is Rock of course, i also love to hear Heavy, Thrash, Indie, Alternative, Blues, Jazz, Punk, Death. Black, etc

Some bands I like are Rush, AC/DC, Journey, Metallica, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Helloween, Motley Crue, Guns n' Roses, Anthrax, Slayer, Megadeth, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Audioslave, Avenged Sevenfold, Foo Fighters, Muse, and a lot more...


I also like to play videogames, right now I own Wii-U, 3DS and Xbox 360.

Well, I'm so lazy to keep writing lol, if u want to know more about me just talk to me, PM me or comment ^^
I always like to meet new people

Keep Rocking!!!!!


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Souverian Report | 07/20/2015 2:52 pm
it's also a mask and it looks like I'm about to rob a bank!!!! XD
thank you very much though!
anecdoche Report | 07/20/2015 11:23 am
oh, those are positive news! 3nodding
i'm glad you enjoy your job and you're making money with your band as well! whee so cool!
i have a kik (lieutenantdoll) but i don't have facebook (i hate gossip&drama)
i got new job as well (have had since last november) i work as maid in a foster home. it's nice,
taking care of kids. making food for them etc. 3nodding
and i got engaged, my boyfriend proposed to me on my birthday. (i had birthday on may)
so my life is good as well, living with my bf & our cat. (we adopted a cat, his name is darth maul hehe!)
anecdoche Report | 07/20/2015 10:12 am
that's nice to hear 3nodding missed you too emotion_hug
i'm doing fine as well blaugh
anything new in your life? whee
anecdoche Report | 07/19/2015 12:22 pm
oh hi! still remember me? i used to be lieutenant doll in gaia before 3nodding
how have you been? emotion_hug
Mochamalkie Report | 10/20/2013 6:19 am
Hey Hun, its me i need to let you know that lately i have been severely bullied, and my current email was hacked. i miss you so much, and i wish you were by my side,
I feel so stupid for what has been happening, but i know one thing is clear and that is that i love you with all my heart. If i could go to one person to be with for the rest of my life it would be you, i love you so much and i if i could walk to where you live i would take that chance it would be worth it, i wish you were with me i really do. i need you i need your warmth i need your voice, your calming tone that always soothes me so i'm able to sleep during our skype calls. I love you so much.... please contact me soon i need you T~T
sssuperstarrr Report | 09/26/2013 12:32 am
hey babe I love u im sorry for being a puta 4laugh yum_bacon emotion_bigheart
sssuperstarrr Report | 09/24/2013 11:53 pm
go o rally plz
waffle on acid Report | 09/21/2013 4:49 pm
waffle on acid
there is no place to invite you to!
i am just texting a few people and posting in random threads.
& ok!
waffle on acid Report | 09/21/2013 4:37 pm
waffle on acid
watching some tv! chatting with friends !
waffle on acid Report | 09/21/2013 4:29 pm
waffle on acid
wuddup? xp


You had my heart, at least for the most part

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Random PMs make me smile emotion_c8