Counterfeit Self
Morgan is such a badass I named a character in my DnD Campaign after him. He is a bad guy.

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Funeral planet, dead black asteroid
Mausoleum, this world is a tomb
Human zombies, staring blank faces
No reason to live, dead in the womb
Death shroud existence, slave for a pittance
Condemned to die before I could breathe
Millions are screaming, the dead are still living
This Earth has died yet no one has seen


Lolicat von Doom
[Hollow Point]
10 years. I'll probably be paying off a 10 acre property in upper Louisiana, be building a house into a hill (I'm planning on a monolithic dome, look them up). I would like to have grass roofing over the dome so that 1) it looks like a natural part of the landscape and 2) grass roofing cuts heating a cooling costs. I'll probably be getting married. I will have a good job, either self employed graphic designer or working for a company. If I must be employed I would rather it be for a big one like Sony doing concept designs. Hopefully I will have made enough to pay off my land and purchase my dream car: 69 mustang boss 429.

What I read:


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Neglected Pancake

Report | 08/09/2010 10:07 pm

Neglected Pancake

Did you get hack'd? D:
0 SunshineStorm 0

Report | 07/30/2010 4:37 pm

0 SunshineStorm 0

Hi! Sorry to bother you, but I found that you are a fan of Danny Phantom.
Would you mind signing a petition to revive the series? Thank you!
Link: http://www.petitiononline.com/stgwltm/petition.html

Contact me if you want to do more than just sign the petition.
For Fear of Little Men

Report | 05/13/2010 8:26 am

For Fear of Little Men

Morgan, come back!
A Light So Dim

Report | 03/25/2010 2:29 am

A Light So Dim

********... where is you Morgan?
Pronounced Narcissism

Report | 01/14/2010 6:11 am

Pronounced Narcissism

Nah definitely no blog for me - I'm too slack! I have a tumblr though where I mostly post pictures of pretty nude ladies and lurk sexy bdsm pictures. http://pinupsundae.tumblr.com/ smile

Report | 01/06/2010 8:28 pm


A little blood maybe...

Miho Sonoda has a bandage set that's hot.

Report | 01/06/2010 7:23 pm


If she did a bandage set that would be cool...

Report | 01/06/2010 6:42 pm


Everyone should fap to amputees. That'll learn them to appreciate the disabled.

Report | 01/06/2010 5:07 pm


Well that's good :3
Played a bit of Katawa Shoujo, I recommend it, it's fun and free!

Report | 01/06/2010 4:47 pm


I don't know... I'm just writing about animu and my life so far, nothing really great.


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