About Mee.

lovesss: boysss; cuddlingg; holdingg hands; hugs; kissingg; icee creaaam!; textingg♄; muusicc; friends; necklacess; braceletss; sweatshirtss; beachhh; stargazingg; longg walkss; dancingg!; youtubee; foood; skinnny jeans; kneee high socks; converse; flipp flops; bikinis; spin the botttle; truth or dare; video games; gooogle; myspace; i tunes; my ipodd touch; television; moooses; the color turquiose; color combination turquoise, purple, and bright orange; runninggg; makeeuppp!; takingg picturess; swimmmingg; sportsss; socccer; smiles; laughterr; peacee; animalss!; animal printtt; gaiaa; fairs; amusment parks; moneyy; slides; monkey bars; fireworksss; movieee nightsss; scaryy movies; roller coasterss (:

Hates:dramaa; fakes; liars; backstabbers; trashtalkers; players; cheaters; stuckk upp peoplee; smokingg; any typee of drugss; spidersss; bugs; ratss!

Remember when getting high meant swinging on the playground?
When protection meant wearing a helmet?
When the worst things you could get from girls were cooties?
Race issuses were about who ran the fastest.
Dad's shoulders were the highest place on earth & your mom was your hero.
Your worst enemies were your brothers and sisters.
War was only a card game.
The only drug you knew was cough medicine.
The only things that hurt you were grazed knees.
Crying yourself to sleep was because you wanted to stay up.
Goodbyes only meant tomorrow.
Wow & we couldn't wait to grow up.

I'm a slut because I'll wear shorts & a tanktop;
I'm a b***h because I don't let you push me around;
I'm a liar because I won't tell you everything;
I'm stupid because sometimes I'm wrong;
I'm ugly because my face isn't perfect;
I'm a whore because I like boys;
I'm annoying because I'm not chill enough;
I'm a loser because I'm not friends with your group;
I'm fake because most of the time I'm happy;
I'm weird because I'm not like you;
I'm controlling because I get mad sometimes;
I'm clingy because I like to be around people;
I'm greedy because I like to be satisfied;
Im conceited because I'm proud of who I am;
I'm unappreciative because I don't praise you;
Don't even try to tell me who I am, because I already know.