Moi (:

Once upon a time.. erm three little wolfs and something about a broken egg ..
Goddness I have no life. Yay me. (:
Now, would you care to hear all about it?! Im sure you would. (:
So, Im from Canada, and of course, damn proud but.. just because I am, certinally does not mean I ride a moose to school, say "eh" after everything, nor do I go to bed clutching my hockey stick. Well. Sometimes..
J'adore photography. Best thing ever
since.. sliced bread. I love music. Who dosnt?
Missy Higgins = effin' amazing! <3 I play
piano, and have attempted guitar.. you
wouldn't want to watch. I love design, mostly
following a vintage line.

I hate stuck up's, people who think they can do whatever they want, whenever they want to whomever they want just because. Toe socks annoy the hell out of me as well as hich heals. (unless they're yellow.. or vintage, ;D )
And I can tell, you're bored out of your mind right about now, arn't you? Well thats too bad, You could have stopped reading this a while ago, hum? But you didn't, and Im still rambling on and on about nothing and have decided it's going to come to an end.

Feel free to randomly comment. [I don't bite ;D. 'cept on Wednesdays.. ]