Alrighty stalkers&& people who are reading this I am Nichole, Jose's
Girlfriend. Prepare to read the most gushiest& longest thing ever oh And
I mean every words of it. So you all know Jose, He's
probably the funniest& cutiest guy you have eevvaar Seen ikik;D
AND GUESS WHAT? He's mine. Not yours MINE. K sooo don't even
think about trying anything with him girls...or guys. :'3 .
Now this hack is about how much Jose has impacted my life and how [********] much
I love him. Yeah well honestly this doesn't
how much i love this boy, Because no words really can explain it. It's
undescribable<3. anyways to try to word it my best, This boy, the way
he makes me feel is all fuzzy and warm inside, like a billion
butterflies are in my stomach and its always as if I can never stop smiling
when we hang out or talk on the phone. We literally talk
24/7 i hate saying goodnight
to him when we go to bed because i never want to stop talking to him
he's my sunshine in my life, he's the one the puts the smile on my face
and motivates me. He's so amazingly adorable and cute, he says the cheesiest
things but they make me smile and i love it. I love the way he calls me cutie all the time
it makes me feel amazing i just gaah > <! but, anyways He makes me feel like
I am so special because of the way he treats me and the way he is, He's truely just amazing
and probably the most sweetest guy you can meet, even though he can be a jackass sometimesxDD
but it's always jokes and fun ~ I love that about him<3. Hes so nice to his friends and he always trys
to help them when they are down. He's sensitive even if he doesn't show it alloot> >;.
Oh and if you don't want to be his friend your missing out on all the laughs and smiles you would
get by being around such an amazing person like him <3 your missing out! (: I'm glad to call him mine.<3
Also Jose thinks sometimes he's not perfect and that he has to
'improve' for me which is adorable~
but honestly I love his imperfections and I think he is amazingly perfect to me.
Even if we do have our small fights its over little things and we always make up and
it just brings me and makes me feel that much more closer to him > < <3!
I never feel not loved when I'm with him he makes me feel complete I know this is cheesy
but when he's gone, i miss him like crazy and feel like my other half is missing > < <3!
Jose I love you with everything i have.. all my heart all.It's so unbelievable sometimes
I feel as though it's
one great dream<3.I have never EVER felt this way about anyone.
I know that sounds cliche' but it's true and i never want to loose you Jose,
you will never loose me until you don't want me anymore baby<3
Love yours Truely,
{I love you Jose Elias Villalobos}

Ps. even though i can't pronounce your full name I love it bby<3 ;]