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i have a really sh*tty personality.

Do not expect me to not be a hypocrite. Do not expect me to be consistant. Do not expect anything.

i hate you all

Here's a sh*tty thermal

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Formerly Hard To Please


"Hey sexy lady,
I want you on your knees now!
And please tie my shoes."
-- Azuresin13

"Call me on the phone
May you fly on a dragon
I have to pee, sir."
-- The Dirty Jesuit

"Hand between her legs
He leans in, kisses her breast
Caresses her cheek."
-- TV Cat

"Here is a haiku
Written especially for
You upon request."

I don't normally
Write haikus without a fee
f*ck it here's one more."

"Just stop reading this
Shouldn't have to plead to you
Accept the request."
-- Le b0mb

"Haikus are easy
But sometimes they don't make sense

"I did not write that
You sure do know your haiku
Is this one okay?"
-– Kyoujin Tsuru

"Hodahviing is like
The most disgusting cherry
In the whole damn world."
-- PanFriedPuppies v2

"Oh dear Hodahviing
Why are you so mad right now?
You should calm down, girl."
-- Je Suis un automaton

"Why'd you want haikus?
They only look good written
In Japanese script."
-- Wild Cards

"Cold wind assaults me
For I wear nothing but my
Banana hammock."
-- Claive Ilusta

"Taco Bell is cheap
Internal damage, costly
Farts rattle windows"

"Showing me your tits
Vanishing as if the wind
Such vicious teasing."
-- Rex Flexo

This is a haiku about
-- Mijitdargun

"In the heart of hearts
Softly singing hearts glide slow
My anus on fire."

"Up above the sky
Frogs fly fast and explode down
When you talk stupid."
-- Exsqueeded

"Batty, batty girl
Flitting off, where, I don't know
She done stole my heart."
-- Lady Lusting

"Batman is awesome!
Haikus are harder to write!
Surprised the Batman!"
-- Tobias_The_Nobody

"Have a gift for you
It is only a haiku
But made just for you."
-- Kadobi

"Someone asked me once
How did you get so badass?
Birth. Ridiculous."

"Never was a girl
Sound submission and sharp wit
I adore you so."
-- Ryo Kusakabe

"Muffins bake by day
Chickens dance by the moonlight
Zuma zoom zoom boom."
-- king_masters

"I want Hodahviing
Her avatar makes me hard
So I'll put it in."
-- Raver Nick Tesla

"Raging tranny dogs
Attack my fluffy privates
Program my remote?"
-- Yuki Loveheart Rose

"Level one harlot
She will bang everyone here
Please don't give me AIDS"
-- Zombie Machine

"Making sandwiches
Pretty women never starve
Extra special sauce."

"She is eating it
My very secret sandwich
Pepper sauce is jizz"
-- Godsend2290

"Silly girl confused
She hasn't seen the pattern
That's a bit naive"
-- il Lashtavar

"No guide to show, lost
No stock in substance, got swag
All bliss, ignorance"
-- Buttsecks Ninja

"If you can't become
Better than everyone else
Make them worse than you."
-- Payne-Sempai

"Hiding in tall grass
Waiting to pounce and eat you

"Stranger wants haiku
I write some bullsh*t for her
Now give me money."

"You just added me
To your friendslist yesterday
Have I been friend zoned?"
-- beatoften

"I adore your sins
To Dom is my favorite
I only hold lust."

"The dogs wish for you
Howling in night with sheer bliss
Only you will pant."

"You are more welcome
I am more than ecstatic
That you are happy."
-- Kirai Nenshou

"The blood freezing wind
From the far wind of the dead
Please blow up some skirts."
-- Caedes Risus

"This one is so well
We see the joys of the dawn
How is this haiku?"
-- Leroy De Pazis

"For fifteen cents a day you can feed an African; they eat pennies."
-- a very cheap haiku by Caius Valerius

"You whore, Hodahviing
Make me laugh and tip you
-- Coin Operated Knight

"She is Hodahviing
Her powers are a secret
Sad, no Fus-Ro-Dah."
-- Lieutenant Selver

"Haiku difficult!
No have space for all my words!
Me talk like caveman."
-- The Angriest Boy

"On the Internet
f*ck originality
Sorry that's vulgar."

"I just might agree
But I did not like the flow
Poetry is hard."
-- iloveanaughtyrp

"I'm starting to freeze
The beginning is the worst
Turn up the A/C."
-- Rule 31

"Beautiful avi
Loveliest of CBers
Expensive.. but cheap."

"Thanks are not needed
Oh muse of day and bright night
You have lit my torch."

"Poems spring for you
I compose like a madman
The meter dances."

"Muse on stripper pole
She sways to your prompting wiles
How can I but write?"
-- Koreye

"This is a haiku
I'd like to give you something
Take off your panties."
-- Sidi

"Ad reads: 'Cheap whore here...
'Tip me because i like it."
...This is a haiku.
--Bravo Victor

"green day was a band
they lynched thirteen black people
hodahviing was pleased"

"dio was a god
he exploded rich, white, women's
heads. with his heavy rock"

"The road I travel
A path of joy and sorrow
Is worth every step."
-- Apathetically RiO

"I just saw her wink
Standing there looking at me
I wave nervously."

"Compliments echo
In my head coming from my
Ears, making me blush."

"She sat there knowing
Exactly what she wanted
To do, so naughty."

"Perhaps there will be
A time where i can just talk
To you very soon."
-- Zealoumanequin

"The spam is cooking
But the eggs are still in the
-- Jello_Bowl

"You slide down the pole
While money flies past your tits
And my pants get tight."
-- Ryoudo

"Move, sweat, run, jump, dance
Going to the gym is work
Your ass will thank you!"
-- TheIronicZombie

"Putting up is hard
But putting out is easy
Which do you prefer?"
-- nosonia

"Roses are red
Violets are blue
Damn girl, you fine."
--A failed haiku that i liked so much anyway i added it by Whorrebelle

May lovers be loved
Haters to hate everyone
This poem is done

I will f*ck your ass
harder and even harder
then my cum you take
--Je suis un automaton


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submissive. Not a doormat.
Tip me like i'm a cheap whore.
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i'm kind of a b*tch. Teach me a lesson, put me in my place...
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