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Study on the animal known as HKylan

Species: Human
Common Name: HKylan or HK
Scientific Name: Don't Care
Age: 16 human years
Eyes: Orange
Hair: Red

Other notes:

According to reports, the HK is a relatively a "lone wolf" so to speak. But the roses it holds in his hands may speak of a sensitive side. From our research we have found out that the HK is actually questing for "WESTERN ZODIAC" and "ENCHANTED STRINGS". Donations to HK will be appreciated by the scientific community.

This specie of the human breed is said to randomly (and maybe not so randomly) add other humans on his friendslist. Currently satisfied with his way of living. HK gives importance to God, family and friends.

Before ending this report, we shall leave you wondering bout this strange creature. Hopefully, further research will allow us to understand HK a little better.



The HK is changing it's appearance but it can't make up it's mind on what hairstyle to change into! Help it decide!

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Scientist say number 2, 3 and 5 are interesting but they need to conduct further studies. What is your opinion?

background for profile is taken from h4rddisk in deviantart.com
ORIGINAL IMAGE: http://h4rddisk.deviantart.com/art/Death-The-Kid-Wallpaper-84743724?moodonly=1



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XxBlood SeerxX Report | 04/17/2009 10:16 am
XxBlood SeerxX
Why did you remove most of your stuff?
Moon Butts Report | 01/24/2009 12:40 am
Moon Butts

hu are you??
princesspajie Report | 01/12/2009 3:37 pm

Fendrin Report | 01/10/2009 11:48 pm
Liek, no D:< Now GTFO! (lol,

jk Kylan, you know I love ya >;3)
timoxx39 Report | 01/10/2009 4:58 am
Nice update man.
Kheyzu Report | 01/09/2009 11:53 pm
princesspajie Report | 01/09/2009 3:24 pm
Fendrin Report | 01/09/2009 9:45 am
Are you trying to hit on me? >;O
Calea Report | 01/07/2009 6:41 pm
My goodness! Why do yew have

a little ninja emote coming out

from your pants?! D8< It's very

Hikari et Pochama Report | 01/05/2009 8:50 pm
Hikari et Pochama
Roflol Kylan! XP

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