Hey Gigan ^_^
As you may have figured out Im a total Manga/anime fan.. Im almost despendent on Manga (:
Ive read Ranma1/2, Tokyo Mew Mew┬┤, DN Angel and Dragon Ball.. Ive also seen those Anmies plus Naruto and Mermaid Melody (Pichi Pichi Pichi).
I really like DRAWING manga too <3 Ive startde my own manga-serie, the produktion is just SOOOOOO slow 'cause Im still school, and plays a lot of handball too. (:

Oh, you might want some info on me too razz
Im a girl living in Danmark, my birthsday is the 24 og October. Im 14 years caring about the invoriment and animals. Rigth moy im obsessed fo Japan and sutch stuf (:
I like to read Steven King books but I dant have time to do that very often (when I have a little time left I ALWAYS drraw manga) razz
oh and my name is Louise but you can call me Hjuller razz

Gambane, datebayo<3
(japanese. meaning: do yourbest okay?)