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Hi my name is Jin. I'm a small boi who gets bullied by Amber please send help,,,

Proof of bully for Lanzer

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ily Amber and I hope you always feel like sneezing but can never sneeze >:^(


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FR4GIL3 Report | 09/14/2021 9:18 pm
i like dis profile
Instant Doodles Report | 04/27/2021 6:45 pm
Zhongli AND todoroki? good taste heart
aImond tofu Report | 04/19/2021 11:38 pm
hi ily
lkeigai Report | 02/04/2021 5:59 pm
Ohhh okok I got chu LMFAOOO I was gon be like "damn he's so talented."
Coding is harddd. I had a friend who made me a sailormoon/ totoro pro before.
and yee I gotta spend time off gaia but I'm working on cosplays x . x
lkeigai Report | 02/04/2021 5:44 pm
You're welcome ma dude!! WAIT WOT, you coded it yourself???? eek
lkeigai Report | 02/04/2021 2:34 pm
Your profile is so rad ahhhhh!!!

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Minimalia Report | 11/14/2020 5:17 pm
Minimalia Report | 11/14/2020 5:10 pm
        omg..... is it crazy to say i'm gna wait for it and then randomly appear on gaia again in like three weeks to see it? or no
Minimalia Report | 11/14/2020 5:07 pm
        i can't believe i'm talking to someone from genshin impact,,,,,
B I i p s i e Report | 08/13/2020 5:53 pm
Eh- It was a whole mess, stupid, petty, stupid crap. I ended up deleting everyone off my account in a fit of feels and quitting gaia for a little bit., but it's all in the past now. It doesn't matter!~

I understand tho if you don't wanna add me back as I had deleted you suddenly, but yee- I am back now. <3

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