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Hello everyone
I'm an Anime Freak named Sarah. I'm 29. I am a geek, I love video games, my favorite is Mass Effect , Dragon Age and both Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. I do play Halo Reach.
My best friend is my mom. I'm a generally a nice person, I do have a short temper and I have a bad habit of punching things when I get to mad, usually I stay away from hitting people. I am a nerd if you haven't noticed, I've been a gamer since i was little, started with Nintendo 64, original PlayStation, and the good all Super Nintendo ohh and the Sims. I've tried to understand why people don't think I would like anime is it that weird. I grew up watching Sailor Moon and old school Toonami, also I grew up watching SpiderMan, Batman, ThunderCats, Gargoyles, and TMNT. If you know me then you know my family comes first over anyone and anything, might be the reason why I moved to New Mexico (Besides College) My mom means the world to me other than college i couldn't leave her to be here alone with my step dad. When it comes to me dating anyone I'd rather date my best friend then a guy I just met, I'm not going to be some one I'm not just to impress you, if you don't like me for who I am don't even bother attempting. BTW I'm a flirt I don't know when I'm flirting or when I'm not but that's because some people take my niceness as flirting. Another thing not many know about me is that I am a metal head, I love any music that has a good beat to it, the sound of the drums or the bass I know its a little weird but I like Koren Pop music (K-pop) and some Japanese Metal: Not a huge country person it always depresses me. I'm not sure what else to put up here but I try to be who I am, inside and out I don't really like conceded people because well its not your looks that count its whats inside. Oh and I like Comedies more than anything I'm always up for a good laugh, not much of a sappy person but I do enjoy romance in a relationship, I wont watch horror movies unless I'm with someone and they don't get mad when I bury my face against them...they freak me out.
I love to draw
I love Chocolate chip Waffles

Originally from Alabama
: .℣ιɽ ʂαӎαӊʟ ʟα ɳʊӎιɳ, ℣ιɽ ʟαtӊ ʂα'ѵʊɳιɳ. :

☰Love is fleeting, Love is blind, Love is amazing. It takes time to find the one you love, but when you do it is an amazing thing that everyone cherishes. Lathbora viran.

Any Potential RP Partners read this!

Hey there, first off I do have a list of what I do and do not like, send me a pm asking such things if you want to know. Secondly this is in regards to just starters, if you send one please put the pairing in the Subject! I don't know how many times I get one and I don't know what to do with it.
Also I have my OWN Oc's so do not give me one to be, I hate that most of all. I typically will Ignore those PM's.
Also when you revert to one liners I will either kindly ask you to pick it up or ignore the pm all together. Nothing bores me more than One Liners.

Thank you for your time

My names on gaia have been
Emo Death Trap
0_x Saki x_0
0_x Hissra x_0


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