For my Wedding Dream Avi I would like to thank:

GS Sailor Incognito [for donating the dress, shoes, and earrings]
XDarkz_AngelX [1800]
Miss Ice Puppet [7918]
Fire_Ramses [500],
xXP E N G U i N P A N i C [3500]
Charlie [3300]
dementedkat [for donating Winter Rose]
Scarlet Celeste [1000]
Worst December [for donating 20 Pink Carnations]
Kita-niinii {My Bestfriend} [for donating Deluxe Pink Carnation - Bouquet]
Jayci_03 [1000]
rogarn7 [20000 and for donating Enchanted Book 2nd Gen.]
bubblewafflecake [1505]
Altru Mind [13000]

Thank you, all of you! You are all wonderful people and I am so happy and lucky to have met each of you. Thank you for helping me achieve my goal!

Thank you, all! *smiles* I will not quickly forget ya'lls kindness or your gaia friendships.


Next Up:
I will be doing a 'Fire Faery' theme! I love Faeries but the Fire Faery is my Favorite! Sooo, I'm asking for tektek's! I want to see what myself and everyone else can come up with so that I get the best possible Fire Faery. WooT! For being creative:

dementedkat/ did this tektek:

User Image
Total Value: 115,138 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Flame Sword
Flame Sword
Lovely Genie Orange Headpiece
Orange Tribal Torso Tattoo
Orange Tribal Bottom Tattoo
Lovely Genie Orange Belly Gem
Lovely Genie Orange Bangled Bra
Jack'd Skirt 2k6
Flame Sword
Flame Sword


DarkxNeko tektek'd me:

User Image
Total Value: 76,814 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Luck o' the Gairish
Elemental Wings
Magical Girl
Roco Rochel Costume Ring
Red Flower Hairpin
Lovely Genie Red Belly Gem
Lovely Genie Red Bangled Bra
Lovely Genie Red Embroidered Harem Pants


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Daytime Dreamer's Journal

This is just a place where I come to write down my feelings. Get away from the real world, as it is and how it can be, and be myself.



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Worst December

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Worst December

Hi, this is Worst December from the D2GtoTFO guild. We have another announcement posted for you here: http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=15882949 or if that URL/link fails, you can find it on the main forum under "More New Stuff! :O".
Worst December and the Messaging Team at D2GtoTFO
Worst December

Report | 06/17/2009 11:09 pm

Worst December

Hi! This is Worst December from the D2GtoTFO guild. We have a new announcement for you! You can find it at the following url: http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=15827719 or if for any reason the url/link fails, you can find it on the main forum. The announcement is entitled "Major Guild Updates for June".

~Worst December and the Mass-Messaging Team at D2GtoTFO
oh my guacamole

Report | 01/25/2009 4:46 pm

oh my guacamole

Hi, this is The Amazing iNinja from the Doomed to Give 'til Our Toes Fall Off guild. We have a new announcement, "Secret Santa Feedback, Messenger Jobs, and Kat's Giveaway" for you.
At this time, we are not posting the direct URL to the announcement because of coding errors within GaiaOnline's system that have occurred recently. Please visit the guild's main forum to view the announcement.
Go to the "Community" drop-down menu, "Guilds", and then "My Guilds" to access the list of guilds in which you are a member. Select our guild, and go to the "Guild Forum" where you will find the latest announcement.
Thank you, and apologies for the inconvenience! The Amazing iNinja and The Message Team at D2GtoTFO
Feeling Witchy

Report | 12/20/2008 10:05 am

Feeling Witchy

Hi, this is x Toxic Rainbows x from the D2GtoTFO guild. We have a short announcement for you. Click here to view it.
Thank you,
x Toxic Rainbows x and the Message Team at D2GtoTFO
Commandant Alex

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Commandant Alex

This is Commandant Alex from the D2GtoTFO guild. We have a new announcement for you. If the link does not work, here is the URL: http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=14230817
Happy holidays,
Commandant Alex and The Messaging Team at D2GtoTFO

Report | 11/30/2008 9:49 pm


Why thank you! :3

You look like a sad ghost! I like it biggrin

Fallen wishes are so cute! Why isn't your Gimpi working out for you? Muwahaha, it'd be fun to get your hubby on here.

Report | 11/09/2008 4:53 pm


Hi, this is Worst December from the D2GtoTFO guild.
Worst December made a mistake with the links in our last notification. The new announcement can be found here. (http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=14003405) This is the correct hotlink this time, and Worst December is terribly sorry to have made such a preventable mistake.
Sincerest of apologies,
AdamsAngel269 and the Messaging Team at D2GtoTFO

Report | 10/30/2008 3:30 pm


Yay!^ ^Congratulations! Well, I'm bogged down with school work right now, and the bad news is I have a bad eye infection. sad But the good news is it's really red, which is perfect for that creepy Halloween look. wink

Report | 10/29/2008 8:13 pm


Oh my, you're a cutie! biggrin

Report | 10/28/2008 7:06 pm


thank you and I wish the best for you also