I have just opened a guild as well. It's an RP guild with EVERY type of RP. Please join!
About me? Well, i'm probably the weirdest person you will ever meet, if you ever meet me. My lucky number is 13, my favorite band is called disturbed, and my favorite song by them perfect insanity.
I love anime and manga, especially death note and air gear. My favorite colors are purple and black, and the only shoes I will wear are converse.
I love to RP so if you want to RP, PM me, i'm up to almost everything. Exept yoai.
I am still single, after all the drama of a previous crappy relationship is finnally over.
But that doesn't matter. I am a really happy person, and it takes alot to get me mad. I love to have fun, and make the best out of everything.
I swear, i'm insane.
Well, thats all I can think of about me!


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The journal of random thoughts

The descriptions in the title. Random things I will write when i'm bored.



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Riokko Flac

Report | 10/07/2010 3:33 pm

Riokko Flac

We havent talked in forever ^^
How are ya?
Enyo the Flaming Warrior

Report | 07/14/2010 7:05 pm

Enyo the Flaming Warrior

Well Hello.
Demoness of Desire

Report | 08/07/2009 10:32 am

Demoness of Desire

I believe I have just applied for your Master and Slave guild.

Might you be kind enough to look into my application, so that I may be able to join? I am eager to start into an RP. :3

Report | 07/20/2009 7:53 pm


lol xD alright. well, thanks for inviting me anyway. :] i was in the process of making a profile. x3

Report | 07/20/2009 7:49 pm


oh goodness! >///w///< thanks so much for the invite. which rp did you find me in? lol

Report | 07/20/2009 5:57 pm


Thank you very much for inviting me to join the M.A.R.P guild. I appreciate it very much. ^.^ . Hope to Rp with you soon!

Report | 01/21/2009 5:53 pm


OH. MY. GOD. I f*ckING LOVE YOUR PROFILE!!! And I love 'Perfect Insanity'. 'Indestructible' is my favorite.
Saphira Baralai

Report | 01/20/2009 8:31 am

Saphira Baralai

What are the Types of beings alowed in your guild? And classes too if you're ok with it...~The otherkin Mansion~
Saphira Baralai

Report | 01/20/2009 8:30 am

Saphira Baralai

What are the Types of beings alowed in your guild? And classes too if you're ok with it...

Report | 01/17/2009 1:05 pm


Hey, thaks for inviting me to join your guild!

I love RPs

(I'm already doing 3 ~.^)


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