Yeah it's me, the living Legend, the Tyrant in Red...Hiro Samura.

I live it up every day, and don't take disrespect from anyone.

I participate in the Roleplay Wars, well because Gaia is a roleplaying community, and I find it fun. =)

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Art by: Arakami Kisamaru

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If your not on the list your either below five and I hate you, or I just don't care about you, or I forgot to add you x.x;; In that case give me a stern reminder.

RP Profile
Name: Hiro Samura
Title: The Tyrant in Red
Associate groups: The Three/Ancients, Crimson Elites
Age: 115 (21 appearance)
Race biggrin aemon/Human
Daemon Form: User Image
Human Form: User Image
Appearance: Avatar
Powers: Control over electricity/storms, Ability to go etheral (Ghostly), keen in unholy attacks, telekenisis, pyrokensis, and cyrokenisis, enhanced muscles, enhanced senses.
Family: Lady Angelishia, Kaji Samura (deceased), Hanibal Samura (deceased), Aine Samura (Disguise), Axel Samura, Sasura Arashi (Significant other,) Crusader of Roses, Rahsia Samura
Personality: Harsh, fierce leader, normally very serious, attitude varies due to political events, very determined, proud, despises traitors, and is very strict, fanatically loyal.
Weapons: IceVarg (L). (See journal under roleplay war artifacts) Black longbow.
Bio: His rise to power began three years ago (Real) when he was but a mercenary, he met a man named BlackHawk120 who invited him into the Shadow Elites, there he met many potential people including Hawk's second in command (Ara)Kami Kisamaru. They went on to crush the fabled invincible army named the RYS. It did not take long for Hiro to rise in the ranks to third in command. Not long after, Arakami betrayed the Shadow Elites and rose to power taking half of Blackhawk's forces with him. A mighty war waged and Arakami eventually won. Everyone but Hiro Samura left BlackHawk to wither and die. A plan was devised between the two for Hiro Samura to raise the Shadow Elites again, but instead he named his new force The Legion. Those who once served BlackHawk flocked back to Hiro creating a mighty force, in secret Hiro would aid BlackHawk so he could raise a new force of Shadow Elites himself. The day had come where Hawk revealed his rebirth and his alliance to The Legion, Hawk wanted nothing more but to get back at Kami but was convinced to hold his anger. Hiro and Hawk realized if they wasted resources on fighting Kami too soon they would become weak and defenseless, so they made a false pact with Arakami seeking friendship instead of war. Arakami who respected Hiro Samura at the time agreed and the three of them would be known as the most powerful force to ever set foot on Gaia The Ancients. So the alliance went forth, Hiro Samura and the Legion went after the renewed RYS and crushed they're resistance, while Arakami and BlackHawk crushed Zander Tekashi and his Chaos Pirates. The alliance also encountered a man named Kaji who lead the Fire Pirates but he surrendered without so much as a skirmish. Few other oppositions rose when they witnessed the alliances power, and the alliance was finally in complete control of Gaia. It was time, BlackHawk ordered Hiro Samura to attack Arakami and his Organization X. As the alliance battled Arakami's forces Hawk and Hiro got into a argument and ended up declaring war on each other. It was now a free for all, The Legion being the largest of the Three were sure to win. The war went on for many days and the advantage was shifting towards the Legion as they advanced with seemingly endless vigor, and as all hoped seemed lost for the Shadow Elites and Organization X, The Legion suddenly retreated. The Legion had entered a massive rebellion which ultimately destroyed it. Meanwhile the war continued, the Shadow Elites, and Organization X annihilated each other, Gaia would then enter a time of peace that would be short lived.
Months later Hiro Samura rose from the shadows and started anew he named this force The Blood Kings where he aquired many promising soldiers who would become his end. Among these soldiers Terial Darkmoon, Satu, and the Zander Tekashi who once before opposed him. The Blood Kings itself failed to accomplish much in the long run, though they went unopposed it was difficult establishing public order within their ranks and the cities of Gaia. They launched an assault against the Blazing Dragons, a clan of once undefeatable ninjas ended in complete disaster. Hiro was losing battles and loyalty and their was not much he could do about it. The day finally came when Terial Darkmoon, Zander Tekashi, and Satu rebelled naming themselves the new Ancients. This rebellion brought Hiro Samura to his knees where it would take a very long time for him to recover.
Weeks later Hiro was independent again, he commanded no forces, he was on his own thinking of how he could rebuild his military and remembering the glorious days of The Legion. He came upon Princess Tizuki who way back when he was still a mercenary met, he quickly realized she was not herself as she did not recognize him or her own title for that matter. Hiro thought nothing of it till she left and her sister Princess Keno came looking for her, Hiro inquired wondering why she was so worried, and she explained to him about Tizuki's memories being stolen, and that with them one could rule all of Gaia. Hiro agreed to help her, but he was not the same sympathetic person they had met long ago. Hiro had grown evil and power hungry, so for days he searched first for Tizuki who had gone missing and upon finding her, her memories. He eventually found the man responsible for her missing memories and tortured him until he would take Hiro to retrieve them. When Hiro gained the memories he used them for himself to gain the throne of Gaia, the Crimson Empire of Gaia would begin. After his ascension to the throne Hiro returned Tizuki's memories, when she found out what was happening she raised a mighty army from all the corners of Gaia to overthrow Hiro, a long argeous battle commenced which resulted in a crushing defeat for Tizuki. Within the Empire Hiro achieved much this time, he established order and convinced many to join under him. The old Blood Kings order excluding Satu, and even Arakami eventually became part of the Crimson Empire. All seemed perfect Hiro kept his soldiers in line and everyone prospered, Arakami who soon became frustrated with the rules rebelled, this rebellion disturbed Hiro's system and everything was thrown into Chaos. Eventually Hiro could take it no longer and just gave up, he returned the throne to Tizuki and settled for his new force of loyal soldiers, the Crimson Elites.
Hiro planned to live out a quiet life from here on but was approached by Arakami, they settled their differences and vowed to bring back The Ancients. They contacted BlackHawk and it was settled The Ancients would rise again, the first order of business was to whipe out "The New Ancients." So they entered battle with Terial, Zander, and Satu who knew their fates were sealed, they fought anyway but the battle became pointless. The Ancients knew they could use Terial, and Zander so they gave "The New Ancients" an ultimative, and they accepted. The Ancients swept through Gaia as The Crimson Elites, The Shadow Elites, and The Death Elites, crushing all who opposed them and bolstering their ranks, Hiro was proud that he could rise to his former glory with his brethren, the Ancients. Then one unfaithful day Hiro's friend and fellow Crimson Elite informed him that Hawk and Kami were planning to betray him, shocked and angered by this he confronted them head on. It was never decided whether or not they really betrayed him or not but war broke out that day, and the Ancients were separated once again.
Hiro's faith or forces did not falter he allied himself with the Kaiser's the Mandos and the Princess Tizuki to crush the Death Elites and Shadow Elites alliance. Horns rang out forces marched forward the first strike was from the Death Elites they marched on Durem The Crimson Elites base of operations. Allies came quick to the Crimson Elites aid and the battle began, it did not take long before Durem was leveled to the floor, but the alliance did not falter then continued their fight for survival. Seeing it as an easy way to victory Arakami kidnapped Tizuki` and used her to force Hiro to surrender, he did and Hiro was trapped within a stone, the war was lost. Hiro remained trapped for many a time until the Shadow Elites once again disappeared and the Death Elites entered a rebellion which ended Arakami's threat to Gaia, seeing no reason to keep Hiro in the stone any longer Arakami released him and then disappeared. So it was the Crimson Elites rose to power again, any remaining Death Elites quickly disbanded in fear of what was to come. Hiro seeing that he was now in complete control returned the throne to Tizuki and served as her protector for awhile.
Anger coursed through Hiro Samura's body as Tizuki insulted him and threatened those close to him, in retaliation he rebelled and had Tizuki` overthrown. Seeking a better king Hiro went on to choose Zife as King of Gaia, many agreed with him, so he crowned Zife. Infuriated by this Tizuki` declared war and the two factions clashed, the battle however was hardly a challenge as Zife's side held The Crimson Elites and The Ancients. The battle went on for a few days and Tizuki` surrendered retreating far away. So it was that Zife was King of Gaia, Hiro grinned upon his success this time his master plan was surely to succeed.
The Ancients slowly drift away again, Hawk has disappeared, Kami and Hiro are on the brink of war.
Shale Lotus returned once again. Shale is an Ancient foe of Hiro Samura, he is a avenger and will stop and nothing to kill Hiro. Shale stole one of Hiro's devious weapons the power suit, and with it he held a huge advantage over Hiro. Shale stalked Hiro for days, he finally caught him alone and attacked Hiro, but just like that it was over Shale focused on his Magical abilities mainly, and with the suit his strength and agility we're much greater, but he knew nothing of Hiro's psychic powers. So Hiro invaded Shale's mind and lead him to believe he had finally killed Hiro. Hiro proceeded to trap Shale in the Lotus stone, the very stone Shale was to use against Hiro. So it was that Hiro showed mercy and let Shale live in this paradise forever not knowing that the world around him was fake.
During the time Hiro was disputing with Shale, Kami had tooken over Gaia with little or no resistance. Almost at once he made to restore order making many laws for the people to follow, Hiro in the pursuit of order himself offered to aid Kami in any way he could and end bad blood between the two. Kami made no moves to lessen laws upon those not natives of the land, he frequently pressed hard on Caedous's Mandos who lived on Gaia. Increasing tension between the two sides finally became unbearable and Kami and Caedous snapped meeting each other in combat. Unfortunately the skirmish wasn't resolved and Caedous left Gaia to prepare his invasion forces. While he was away many Mandos were hunted down and killed, among the murderers was Hiro himself, or so they thought. In secrecy Hiro harbored a woman by the name of Cinciri Naast she played the part of his new daughter Aine Samura, though her act seemed perfect she was discovered but not until it was too late. Among Mandos that were killed was Kot Naast step son of Cinciri Naast, in which he was killed by Zanos Tekashi whom thought to be his guardian, Hiro also had a helping hand with the killing of the child. Finally the war began and Caedous attacked, not heading the words of his subordinate Cinciri Naast that not all Gaian's were cruel and evil he quickly destroyed Gaia and left for reaches unknown. Cinciri being shunned joined him leaving Gaia. During the struggle the Gaian King Kami fell to his last breaths, and with them he became part of Gaia restoring it. Besides Kami no one of great importance died in the war, things would continue as they once were.
Still angered by the Mandos for destroying Gaia Hiro Samura met with Cinciri Naast in private, she wished to clear her name, claiming to had nothing to do with Caedous's attack on Gaia, though Hiro believd her the argument developed into something different something more personal. In the midst of the argument Hiro pulled the stone that contained Shale and crushed it to spite her. Afterwards he left. Later he found a fragment of the stone and surprisingly to him it held Shale's powerful magic. But unknown to Hiro this magic was dark, evil, and corrupting, and only time would tell what would become of him.
So again the crown of Gaia fell upon Hiro's head, taken by force and supposed "Right to succession" Hiro would be known as Emperor of Gaia once more. At once he faced resistance by Terial, but with the Lotus magic Terial was no match for Hiro, he knocked him aside with ease. Seeing Terial's defeat by Hiro's hand forced the Gaians to accept him as Empeor. The third reign of Hiro would begin.
A time later, Hiro became corrupt with power, seeing this Terial bravely rose again and with the help with his second in command Ragneos he destroyed the stone. Hiro beginning to snap back to his senses was grabbed and pulled into a vortex lost in another world. A few days later a mysterious man by the name of Cadeyrn came to Gaia in search of the shattered pieces of the Lotus stone.
With much bargaining Cadeyrn located the Lotus shards, and returned to the Lotus realm. A few days later battered and tortured Hiro escaped the Lotus realm with the newly formed Lotus Stone, enraged the Champions of Zymeth (Lotus god) were sent to find and kill Hiro Samura and retrieve the stone. Hiro immediately set out to find a well hiding place and to unlock the stone so he could once more use its powers. Making negotiations with Terial Darkmoon and various other warriors Hiro had them keep the Lotus champions at bay while he tried to unlock the stone, though it would not be an easy task. Not long after the Lotus Champions arrived they were encountered by Terial Darkmoon and Ragneos Bade (Terial's apprentice and second in command). It was first that they encountered the newly revived Shale Lotus who was thought to finally be finished, in the battle Ragneos was wounded by Shale who matched Terial with ease. The battle continued on until Shale was forced to retreat. The second skirmish appeared when Lestat Lotus, and Cadeyrn Lotus attacked Terial. Lestat seemed to counter Terial at every turn, and Cadeyrn unleashed his power magic keeping Terial from a moments rest, the battle ended with Terial now recieving aid from Ragneos and the two Lotus champions unleashing their team moves on each other then retreating.
A few weeks later (Real time as all of this is) Hiro received word that the Lotus had retreated and are gathering forces to begin a mass exterminatus of Gaia. Hiro convinced Terial to gather the armies of Gaia and hold off this invasion until Hiro could unlock the Lotus stone and destroy the Lotus with their own magic. Though he was asking very much from Terial, the Lotus magic was absolute power and many would die under the seemingly unstoppable force of the Lotus, but what choice did he have. Terial agreed and operations began.

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